Banana Bar Pr0n

DSC_7797 (1600x1060)This recipe seems a little more involved than many we looked at but they did turn out rather well.  We made the brown butter frosting with Splenda and subbed a Splenda brown sugar blend for regular brown sugar.  The recipe called for cooking the bananas down in the oven first although it seems to me just as easy to do it in a pan atop the stove.  We are really liking the brown butter recipes we see for frostings.  Browning the butter adds a lot of flavor.

Roasted Banana Bars


I saw a link to this recipe last week in a comment thread at another blog and thought it sounded pretty good.  We got around to it today and are well pleased with the result.  I think the browned butter icing makes it special.

We used the recipe as is but we did sub Splenda for half of the white sugars in both the batter and the icing, and a house brand (Kroger’s) brown sugar substitute for the brown sugar called for in the batter.