Mmm…sauteed tomato pizza sauce

Absolutely the last of the patio cherry tomatoes.  Mrs J hauled the last container away today after harvesting what tomatoes that remained.  We wanted to do something nice with the last batch.  We had enjoyed the sauteed tomato and pasta dishes so much we decided to try the same process for a pizza sauce.  We believe it worked.


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Sweet Potato Fries


Just a quick note to mention the Ore-Ida brand frozen sweet potato fries I bought the other day.  Dropped some into the deep fryer this afternoon, they came out looking and tasting great.  I left off the ketchup for these, I was wanting to get the flavor unenhanced by anything other than salt and pepper.

The sammich is just some leftover BBQ from the big picnic on Memorial Day weekend.  It is a fresh hoagie roll, and I put some homemade BBQ sauce on it.  Tasty.  The mild banana pepper rings were just right as a garnish.