Roasted Chicken

This is another of the beer-butt roasted chickens.  I cut up those potatoes and added them into the bottom of the pan the chicken was roasting in so they could cook in the chicken juices.  It was a 400 oven so I waited for the last 30 minutes to put them in.

The green beans were steamed for 6 minutes then cooled in cold running water.  They were warmed for service in sesame oil in a hot skillet while the chicken was resting.

Mmm… Roast chicken

DSC_0842 (1600x1060)That beer-butt style roasting gadget has been getting a workout.  I’ve found that filling the canister that goes into the bird’s cavity with anything but plain water is useless.  Beer or seasoned stock of some sort work fine but no better than water.  I basted this chicken with garlic butter and olive oil – a difficult to top combo, IMHO.

The red dipping sauce is a basic buffalo wing type sauce, it’s half melted butter and half hot sauce.  I used Frank’s Hot Sauce this time because a friend gave me a big bottle.  I pressed five or six cloves of garlic into that little bit right there to kick it up and I have to tell ya, it was delicious.

Mrs J served up a big bowl of wilted lettuce – bacon grease, red wine vinegar, sweetener, and a splash of water.  Warm the dressing to a simmer and toss with the chopped lettuce, the crumbled bacon that made the grease, and some chopped green onions.  That might be my all time favorite lettuce salad.

More Chicken

20150606_161519 (1600x1060)My second go at using the beer can rack thing, this time using a bigger tray than the one provided.  I gave it a light dusting of my dry rub and brushed on some thinned BBQ sauce towards the last 15 minutes.  This one was cooked in the oven at 350 for an hour and a bit.DSC_0471 (1600x1060)Here is half of it laid out on a platter for show, with a scoop of baked potato salad and some creamy slaw.  This photo was taken by the Nikon, the next came out of the new camera phone:20150606_162452[1] (1600x1060)