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Look Both Ways

The camera we have overlooking a bird feeder on the picnic table always returns lots of photos, most of them are unexceptional but every now and again we see something of note.  Ginger Boy is often close by – wondering where all the birds have gone.  I was struck by the juxtaposition of these photos and decided to share.



Curiosity, Homer Haz It

I just wish he wouldn’t spit the sunflower hulls on the floor.

Mrs J is like a river to her critters

New Feeder Cam

The old camera has been failing intermittently for a while now.  It would fail to turn on, or to record pictures, or be working fine then quit for no reason we could determine.  We tried new batteries, new memory cards, and basic resets but we decided we just could no longer rely on it.  I ordered another camera, from a different maker, and set it out.  It seems to be doing OK, it was initially set to be a tad too sensitive and we were getting some empty frames caused by wind or some such.  The documentation and manual that came with this one are sorely lacking but I managed to find the adjustment method and dialed the default setting back from high to medium and it seems to be doing fine.

We didn’t turn it off yesterday all day so it captured a series of pictures of mostly birds at the feeder.  A cool and mostly dreary day brightened some with some sun in the afternoon.  Here are a few captures from the day’s take:

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Homer Helps

What a difference a day makes

Weatherman is calling for some snow today, the amount we can expect has been changing back and forth but everyone seems to think that a couple of inches are certain.  We have that much as I type this at 11 am central time and the snow is still filtering down.  Should be a good day to sit and watch the birdies at the feeder.  We have had a few hawks drop by but I haven’t been quick enough on the lens change to catch a decent picture.

Just made a nice crab-shrimp dip.  Maybe I can talk Mrs J into helping out with another batch of those butter crackers we made a while back.  Stay tuned!

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Good evening, Sir!

We are having an all you can eat special on starlings today.  Could I interest you in an appetizer while you wait?  The sparrows are very good today.

I’ve Been Remiss

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Took this through the window glass, I know they will fly off if I try to raise the window.

They spotted me moving through the window.  Crows are maybe the smartest birds around these parts.  Plenty of literature out there confirms they are very smart indeed.

No, not your morning hawk