RIP Bixby

I’m just going to rip the bandage off, today.

Bixby died in his sleep yesterday after a very brief, but intense illness. As many of you may remember, he had an adverse reaction to (or overdose of)  Maropitant citrate two years ago that left him paralyzed. He was amazing and willed himself to recover, but his health was never robust after that and I truly knew I was treasuring each day I got with him after that. He gave me seven great years and the best hugs.

I’m about as messed up as I have ever been right now, but I needed to let you know because you’ve been on the journey since he was a pup and I’m not going to want to talk about it the rest of the week. Just hunker down with Scout and grieve our loss.

Hug your critters for me today…

Bixby’s Ducks

Bixby seems to be officially a dad. Ducks arrived today and he has not left their side. He’s also chased away the cats and Scout from “his” ducks.

I think it’s gonna be a long few months…

I’ll have more deets and photos, video after they get settled.

Stay tuned…