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This Guy

Makes me laugh every day. I told him when he was a puppy he had two jobs: make me laugh and protect me. He does both with the same enthusiasm. Although his protection is subtle – he backs up, sits on my feet, which brings him up to my chest, and dares anyone to step closer without saying a word. We were laughing the other night and saying if he were a person, he’d be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Love that pup.


In This Together

As is her way, Emma has taken it upon herself to take care of Bixby and me. Here she is keeping the big guy company in the afternoon sun. Bixby still spends a lot of time looking out the window and sighing. Loudly. I wish I was kidding.

Today he began to brighten up, wanting to play non-stop with Bad Horse, so we are making progress.

Lots of cooking going on here. Bad Horse has felt like taking on some new recipes. This one was a winner:

It’s a Pear Crisp. Using the Perfect Apple Crisp recipe, found here, and substituting pears for the apples. It also uses gluten free flour quite successfully in the crisp.

We had an abundance of pears because my local grocer is selling “misfit” fruits and veggies – or what I like to call, “ugly fruit and veggies”. They are misshapen, bruised or otherwise not “A” quality. But I will let you in on a little secret, most of them are much  tastier. Especially the lemons – thin skinned and full of juice – which makes them bruise easily. Ugly, but yummy.

That’s it for now…I’ll try to get back to regular blogging soon. Until then…


Great Dane Feelings…

…are as big as they are. He’ll bounce back, but he’s been very quiet the last few days.

A Little Family Update: Yes, That Includes The Ducks

For those wondering if the ducks will be okay this winter, it’s 22 degrees out and they are in their pool. Although they have been spending more time sitting near the patio door – but I think that has more to do with their social nature. They just want to hang with their flock.

I don’t remember if I mentioned it, but Bixby is relishing his new job. Every morning he is first out the door to let the ducks out of the duck hut. If he had thumbs, I would be superfluous. He then inspects the morning eggs (we are getting 1-3 each morning), and despite his size and enthusiasm we have had no egg-tastrophes. Then in the evenings, he watches over us as I gather the ducks for bed.

The girls need their scritches! They love to be scratched and rubbed, on the chest and under their wings. Don’t forget the beaks!

We had scare a week or so ago – the Cooper’s Hawk I watched grow up this summer decided to not only go after Mabel and Maddie, but Zander, too! I chased him off, but he decided to stay in the tree next to our yard. That’s when I sent Bixby out with instructions to look after our girls. He was amazing, he stood near the ducks and when they moved around the yard, he moved with them, quietly standing guard. Love that dog.

Which is a good thing, because someone…and I’m not naming names (Bixby, Bailey) decided to leave me this surprise:

This happens frequently. Usually right after I have cleaned the bathtub.

Speaking of dogs I love, here is beautiful Bailey chillin’ in the yard. She has been here a year and has really blossomed in the last few weeks. And talk, man, does this dog love to talk.

Hopefully I’ll have a recipe post tonight. Until then….


Guess Who Is Three Today

This guy!

He’s one month old in this photo. We hadn’t even met yet. That was this day:

It was love at first sight.  Not much has changed over the years:

He just keeps getting bigger:

He is not full grown in the photo above – he towers over me now. Really need to update that photo.

Being Bixby is exhausting:

Party on big guy!  For all his adventures, including Bailey fun, click here.

Bixby and Bailey Aren’t Much Help

This arrived yesterday and it took some time to put it together. Bixby and Bailey were not much help and had to be banished at a certain point.

Anyway, that’s why I didn’t get this week’s menu up last night. I will do it tonight…and maybe pictures of the finished product. 🙂


Great Dane Gardening: Strawberry Patch

Look what I get for lunch today:

I went out to check to see if they needed water and my one strawberry from yesterday turned into an entire bowl today. Woot!!

I guess I owe Bixby an apology. Clearly every strawberry patch needs a Great Dane to tend to it – dig in it, sleep in it, snuffle around in it. Bixby:1 Me:0


Bixby and Bailey: Epic Games!


Finally got the video software installed (again, after Windows 10 update obliterated the original) and was able to upload and edit their play session. This video goes on FOREVER and I’d apologize, but it relaxes me to watch them – so when it came time to edit I just got lost in the joy of it.

They play like this for hours…usually outside because I THROW them out…otherwise the living room and everything in it is in danger. Wise decision to wait on the new sectional until we’ve moved out of the puppy stage.

All I wanted was for Bixby to have a tug buddy and he sure got that. I love these guys:



Bixby And Bailey: Week Three


I can’t believe it’s been three weeks. It feels like Bailey has been here forever. She fits right in. We’re still working on things, like being nice to the cats, not taking things off the counter/table/coffee table, quit treating us like we are chew toys.

And STOP DRINKING MY COFFEE. This dog has a problem. I can’t leave my coffee unguarded for a moment and the other morning I was sitting at the table, sipping my coffee when a dog tongue interrupted the cup halfway to my lips. My very first Dane ( ❤  Sadie) loved coffee, too, so I’m not unfamiliar with this weird habit.

Bailey has also developed a fondness for taking the books off my bookshelf and shredding them. Between the coffee and the books, I’m beginning to wonder if she was raised in a Barnes and Noble. Until she’s past the puppy stage, the bookshelf is blocked off so I don’t lose anymore books.

Speaking of puppy phase:


I feel like I just got Bixby out of the puppy stage and here we are again. But she’ll be a year old in late December, so not too much longer. What, just another SIX MONTHS or so. Oh lord, help me.

Bixby enjoys her and they play constantly. I commented a few days after she arrived that all I ever wanted was for Bixby to have a tug partner and this has been a perfect pairing. She loves tug as much as he does and that makes me so very happy. But even Bixby has his limits and she has worn him completely out. The last few days he just lays on the floor using his weight and sheer strength to hold the tug toy while Bailey dances around him tugging with all her might. Trust me Bixby, we all understand that  after two years of tug with you.


Bixby misses his kitties, though. The first two weeks after we moved, the cats basically hid and were all out of sorts. This pretty much broke Bixby, he paced and fretted and looked for them every day. Once they finally decided to come back out and about, his world was all right again. About a week into Bailey’s stay, he realized that not only weren’t the cats coming out, but he was blocked from the rooms they were in – and he began to fret again.


Luckily this week, they have started to come out and make themselves known. Bailey has learned her place and everyone is finding their way. I’m not ready for anyone to be unsupervised, but that day is not far away. (And note, there is no Jake because he’s being very pissy about this latest disruption in his life and snubbing me when I call him – he’ll come out on his own for attention, but if I call him, I can feel the silent rebuke from wherever he’s hiding).


But Bixby and Emma really miss sleeping together (like you can see here). So she’s been venturing out when it’s clear the puppies are tired and curling up with him again on the couch.

I’m very pleased with how Bixby has taken on a new role of taking care of me – when I’m frustrated with Bailey – mostly when she’s bugging me while I’m trying to work, Bixby grabs a tug toy and lures her away. I thought it was fluke the first time, but he does it fairly consistently.

Bailey is doing her best to learn the ropes here, she tries so hard to do what we ask – and so smart – she picks up most things in a day or two. And the three of us are venturing out on walks and it’s been going every smoothly. She’s a breeze to walk – Bixby, still not so much, but we manage.

All-in-all, I think we all made a good match when we found each other.

Tomorrow I should have video of them playing together. Stupid Window 10 upgrade dumped my video software so I have to reload it before my video camera will download. Grumble, grumble.  Until then…


Bixby and Bailey Quick Pix


Bixby is over the drama.


Bailey is settling in nicely. I’ll try and get you some real updates later tonight/tomorrow.