Blackened Tilapia with Crawfish Sauce

DSC_1013 (1600x1060)We saw this made on a TV show, Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  I can’t find a recipe from the show, the search function is not good at all at their site and I’ve tried before to find another recipe with no success.  I subbed tilapia for the flounder they used but it’s pretty much the same, otherwise.

I made some polenta for the first time, ever.  Pretty simple, stir cornmeal into salted boiling water, lower the heat and stir for about 15 minutes, then add butter.  I remember my mother making “mush” for my dad but she was pretty dismissive of it, saying it was something “them boys from the bottoms ate”.  I guess her attitude rubbed off on me.  Shame, that.

Grill the sliced polenta in olive oil, lay a piece of blackened fish atop that, spoon on the sauce, add a few sauteed vegetables and there you go.

The sauce?  It was a gumbo in all but name.  Make a roux, stir in the trinity, season with Creole spices, add stock and simmer for a while, then add the crawfish tails and shrimp right at the end.  I made this  thicker than I would as a gumbo, add more stock and some okra and it would be great over rice.