20170223_111706-1600x1200Breakfast pr0n!  Not what we had for breakfast, actually.  More a breakfast for lunch.  I don’t eat breakfast and Mrs J contents herself with a bagel but we both love waffles.  The bacon is thin sliced porchetta.20170224_092427-1600x1200I didn’t dump all the patio herbs, I wanted to see if they would come back in the spring.  The chives are doing great but the sage next to it still looks dead.  The bare twigs at the far right are rosemary that I am still hoping will show new growth but nothing yet.20170224_092346-1600x1200The front gardens are just barely showing some color – the scilla can be counted on for a touch of early blue.  The day lilies are greening, as are the daffodils and sedum.dsc_2191-1600x1200More meatballs!  I made several, there are two left.  Not enough for a proper sammich but I guess I can do a couple of meatball sliders.20170223_115130-1600x1200These were out for a last rise before baking.  I busied myself about making that breakfast-for-lunch while they were out and they really puffed up before I could get them into the oven.dsc_5597-1600x1200Here’s Ollie, watching me compose this post.  He’s already made himself at home.  He is fitting in rather well with no apparent animosities developing with any of the other cats.dsc03901-1600x1200One of the shelter cats.  The eyes in the original picture were highlighted by a stray beam that prompted me to play that up with a few tweaks.


Mmm… Soup

DSC_7745 (1600x1060)Here’s another beef and barley soup soup we put together today.  Good day for soup, it’s been threatening snow all day.  We got freezing rain last night but not enough to break any trees over onto power lines.  The soup has a can of tomato bits with green chilies in it, two yellow onions, garlic, a handful of ditalini pasta, a tablespoon of tomato paste, and various dried herbs all in a chicken stock with beef bouillon added.  I rarely make these things the same twice in a row.DSC_7741 (1600x1060)I took another shot at baking baguettes to go with the soup and I think these are the best so far.  I may have had the rack too high, judging by the crust color, but I saved them in time by moving them lower.  They went great with the soup, delicious when buttered and dipped into the broth.