Simple Sunday Supper

DSC_0052 (1600x1060)… because who can resist alliteration?  It may be hardwired, notwithstanding the bleats of English majors who claim to hate it.  Call me a rebel.

I call this one simple because it really was – the local market had a sale on thin sliced chicken breasts so I didn’t even have to get out the meat mallet.  It scares the critters, all that pounding.  That, or my vocal accompaniment.  “Serves you right to suffer!  Serves you right to be fla-at!”

The chicken slices were dipped in beaten egg and then dredged in seasoned bread crumbs and then quickly fried in a quarter inch of oil.  The cauliflower was boiled for a few minutes and then tossed with a cheddar mornay sauce.  DSC_0055 (1600x1060)I’ve pretty much settled on using the microwave to jump start baked potatoes and then finishing them in a 450-ish oven to set the skins.  Coat them with oil and sprinkle liberally with kosher salt and set them on a baking tray for the oven.  Timing will depend on your particular set-up but potatoes are very forgiving, just check for done with a fork.

Sammich Pr0n – Breaded Chicken

DSC_7006 (1600x1060)The little smashed potatoes worked well with this.  Boil the potatoes until they can be smashed easily with a spatula then pop them into hot oil.  I had the deep fryer going for another project so I used it but they would fry nicely in a skillet with olive oil.  The golden potatoes are good for this.  That tomato was from the garden but I don’t know how much longer we’ll have them.  We decided to rip out all but one tomato bush because I am done with canning sauces and juices and ketchup and soup.  Last year was a near total loss for tomatoes so this year we planted extra fearing a repeat but it may have been the best year ever.  I’ve been boiling down 3 5-gallon buckets per week for the last month and more and I deem our supply sufficient.