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Ins and Outs

Homer gets along with the dogs better than than he does with any of the other kittehs.


Have your peeps get ahold of mine. We’ll talk.

20130530_104302 [1600x1200]Got business with the dog?  Best to check with kitteh, first.


IMG_1813 (1600x1200)Three little kittens.  I’m sure the staff at the shelter are keeping track of their mittens.  They are 8-10 weeks old and are good to go.DSC_3650 [1600x1200]A few of the container plantings on the patio.  The two tomatoes on the left are grape and cherry varieties, the one on the right is a compact cherry, developed for containers, I think it’s a Husky Red.  The grape variety is Tami G, the cherry just had a variety number (like Hybrid Cherry 101 – not the real name).  The bench is going to have several varieties of ornamental peppers, Black Peral, Garda Tricolore, and another tri color whose name escapes me but the picture on the tag looks very much like the Garda.DSC_3686 [1600x1200]We heard geese honking close above us this morning and I looked out the window in time to see a pair with their wings set for a touchdown on the pond.  I strolled up the drive with a camera and got this one  with Katie watching them.  She will probably not allow them to stay ashore.DSC_5685 [1600x1200]I looked up this picture of Buddy yesterday for a different purpose than posting here but I’ll throw it in this morning, just because.  I call it “Sly Ol’ Dawg”.IMG_1807 [1600x1200]Here’s a basket full of kittehs.


DSC_4955 [1600x1200]Made some chili with some of the latest chorizo, plus a little ground beef.  I started out with pinto beans and chunks of cured ham and kept adding chili paste until I decided to take the ham out and thaw the sausage since it was becoming more chili than hambeans.IMG_0823 [1600x1200]I’m not sure what Mrs J was intending and I am sure Annie had the same thought.  She’s feeling better, now.  Buddy and Homer were having a little nap.  Buddy woke, probably fearing the return of the mad hatter.IMG_0543 [1600x1200]Alas, I have to report that Katie, the dog that Mrs J brought in for a home visit, has escaped and is loose.  Fortunately she is staying close.  We put out food that she will come to the patio to eat, and Mrs J has placed a doggie bed in the garage that she has been sleeping on.  She just will not let us approach.IMG_0888 [1600x1200]She ran out the door Monday morning as I was holding it open for Mrs J to enter after a trip to town.  Sigh.  We bought a live trap, hoping to lure her in with some tasty food.  She proved to be smarter than Buddy.DSC_3304 [1600x1200]Or Jack.IMG_0891 [1600x1200]

Huntin’ Buddies

Taking the morning off.  Finishing some leftovers.  Here’s Homer and his pal Buddy, covering for Mrs J.  “EEK, a mouse,” she deadpanned.

It’s getting so that I can’t even think about serving up a sammich without trying to prettify it.

Take five, Bud. I’ve got this.

Now, now, you two.

Homer haz a posse

Pet Training

It’s been a little while since I posted  a Homer update.  He can’t seem to relate to either Toby or Bea very well, but has found a pal in Buddy.  Buddy isn’t quite to the “I just lurves me some Homer kitteh” place as of this update but he has come a long way from “Ack!  Get this thing away from me!”

Homer seems to be wearing him down, and it isn’t unusual to see them playing together.  In this picture Homer seems well pleased with Buddy’s progress.

Mmm…BBQ chicken

Pretty lazy day today, no large plans, no huge dinner, no recipes to ponder.  Spending some time being all handyman electrician and stuff.  Sent the mower off with the dealer on his trailer for the yearly maintenance. He wants to trade me out of my little John Deere utility tractor, the rascal.  Some Dr. appointments coming up, and a grocery run to plan.  Here’s that chicken I mentioned:

Overall a decent lunch, nothing to write home about, or tout on a blog.  How about dogs and cats?  Do I hear a plea for a Homer pic?  OK!

Homer gets along with Buddy fairly well, he loves to tag along with Bud and we see him rubbing up against his legs all the time.  Homer seems to like being around him.  Annie gets something of the same treatment although Homer treats her more like “Mama” with Bud getting the “Daddy” role.  Jack wants no part of Homer and is happy to bark him away and to chase him a few feet just to make sure that message gets through.