Oven Baked Hot Wings

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I used this recipe just to see if the baking powder trick would work.  It seems to be a legit method, I wish now I had added some untreated wings to the tray as a control.  20160301_123141 (1600x1060)

I put them back on the rack that they spent the night in the fridge on, drying off.  That was a minor mistake because a few of the wings stuck to the wire, I’ll lose the rack and use paper the next time.


via20150821_133622 (1600x1060)My brother-in-law and his wife pulled their new RV/camper rig down to Mrs J’s old home town and spotted it in a campground right next to the river.  It’s a pretty fancy rig, nicely appointed.  It’s not Trump level gold plated fancy but it is comfortable.  I took a picture through one of the camper’s windows of a tow heading downriver.  That’s the Mighty Mississippi, from the Illinois side, that’s Missouri over there.  When the river gets high, like it was this spring, this spot is underwater.  Plays hell on the landscaping.DSC_5411 (1600x1060)We see wasps of various types, along with the occasional honeybee at the hummingbird feeders, but this is the first time I’ve seen one of these bald faced hornets.  I leave it be in the hope that it will reciprocate.DSC_0797 (1600x1060)Mmm… burritos!  These are beef and bean, with cheddar and pico de gallo, rolled up and grilled in a little oil.  Zap them in the microwave for a minute before you brown them – saves time and assures that the cheese melts.DSC_0685 (1600x1060)Buffalo wings!  I usually make more but I had some vacuum sealed and frozen and there weren’t as many as came in the fresh package – I divided that in two and froze them separately to cut down on leftovers.  Most of the time I bread the wings before frying them but these went straight into the hot oil after drying them with paper towels.DSC02784 (1600x1200)Kittehs!  The black cat is Frank, he came in feral and was a wild thing at first but he’s been slowly coming around.  He’s been at St Francis for about three years and gets along well with other cats.  Mrs J says he won’t let her pet him but the lady they call The Cat Whisperer is able to.  The dilute calico is Daisy, a five month old kitteh that is chipped and vaccinated and is ready for adoption.DSC_5406 (1600x1060)Bea expresses an interest in the catnip Mrs J has growing in a pot.  I was fully expecting her to climb right in but she held off.DSC_0817 (1600x1060)My basil is still doing well, I’ve been clipping the blooms off as they appear, that seems to keep it vigorous.  I guess I need to think about what to do with all those delicious leaves.  I suppose I could dry a lot of them and process them to use in recipes.  I’m not a big fan of pesto but I may make up a batch or two and freeze it in an ice cube tray like all the other folks on Google advise.

Mmm…hot wings

The last time we fixed these we used the store brand wing sauce.  Mrs J complained that it seemed a bit rich, and I agreed.  It seemed greasy to me on top of that.  In general, though, I liked the hot wings concept and decided to give them another whirl today.

I read through a dozen or so recipes for wing sauces for ideas and came up with a recipe that seemed to pass muster.  I went with the basic recipe: 1/4 C hot sauce, 1/4 C butter and added a few tweaks.  I added another 1/2 t of paprika, a splash of balsamic vinegar, a little red wine vinegar, a half  T of brown sugar, and a full T of chili sauce-the stuff that looks a lot like ketchup.  I had Heinz chili sauce on hand so that’s what I used.  I saw some recipes that called for ketchup.

The overall heat of the sauce is determined in large part by the choice of hot sauce you make your sauce with.  I used the store brand hot sauce that was pretty mild.  I’m sure bar fights have broken out over what is the correct hot sauce to use but I’m not all that picky.  Naturally, a good measure of cayenne along with the paprika will have an impact.  More or less sugar or vinegar will take you in a slightly different direction.  I would bet that my next batch of wing sauce won’t be the same as the one I turned out this afternoon.  That is half the fun of cooking.

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