Summer is here

And with it comes the season of misery-hot and humid.  The weather has really sucked this spring.  A couple of late frosts followed by weeks of cool and rain have ruined our tomatoes.  Puny little things need to be yanked out and replaced, may well do that today.

The holiday went by without a hitch, neighbor JJ had his Memorial Day Picnic that was a great success.  I took over a jar of my famous home made mustard for the hot dogs and everyone loved it.  I did get the jar back.  I started another couple of batches lest I run out.  I have the Creole mustard aging in the cupboard, and the Guinness Stout mustard is working, in a day or two I’ll run it through the blender.  The stout mustard batch is larger than the Creole only because that is the size that matched the large bottle of the beer I had on hand.  I doubled the Creole recipe but it is still only 3 half pints.

Other than a plate of the usual picnic fare we’ve made do with sammiches.


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Mmm…breakfast burrito

I can’t get over what a great breakfast these things make.  This one is really simple, just cook two beaten eggs on low in a covered pan until they are set, add some slices of cheese, then spread some fillings and roll it up in a tortilla.  I used some pico de gallo for this one, with some jalapenos and a few olives and provided a puddle of salsa on the plate.  Yum!


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Breakfast Leftovers

Or:  What to do with the remains of yesterday’s frittata.

I have a hunk of beef steak marinading in some ancho sauce I made up this morning and noticed the half frittata in the fridge from yesterday’s breakfast.  It didn’t take any effort at all to imagine it as a breakfast burrito, and I had that bit of sauce still in the pan…

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Making Chorizo

I was lamenting the other day that there wasn’t a nearby source for delicious chorizo sausage.  I bought some links the other day and have used them to great success in breakfast omelets and burritos and today’s edition of yummy breakfast burrito was no different.  Alas, I used the last of the chorizo.

Yesterday I meet a need by baking my own pitas rather than mope about the kitchen wishing I had bought more the last time I was at the market and that same spirit of can do animated my [Ed: please, dude, you are beginning to cloy] … OK OK, turning the smaltz spigot off…where was I?  Ah, yes, looking for homemade chorizo recipes.  Success! There are several recipes at that link-the one I used as a template was the one titled “Chorizo Autentico”.

Made a few changes:  Didn’t add the 6-20 hot peppers, and didn’t put in the cumin seeds (I was out).  I wasn’t sure what “pure ground red chili” was so I used some dried “California” chilies and a couple of dried ancho chilies.  I added a few tablespoons of chili powder and a few of paprika as well.  And, just because I had some, a couple of sprinkles of ground coriander.  The rest of the recipe was unchanged.  I did whirl the dried oregano in the spice grinder-the same machine that I used on the dried chilies.

In a few days I will report the outcome of the morning’s effort.

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Chorizo for Breakfast

Yum!  I never see chorizo in my local grocery, and that’s a real shame because it is some very good eats.  There are all kinds of chorizo sausage but the post really isn’t about the sausage per se.  I’m just celebrating and documenting breakfast.  Here is a Wikipedia page that will tell you more than you need to know about the various chorizo recipes and styles.  This morning I got out some fresh sausage, as opposed to dried sausages.  The dried versions are cooked and/or cured and can be eaten as is.  Fresh chorizo needs cooking.  All I’ve ever prepared crumbles easily, but the intense red of the paprika or ground red peppers in the recipe make it hard to tell how done the meat is.  I just make sure to cook it plenty long enough.

I’ll paste a few words from the Wiki page I linked to above:

Chorizo con huevos is a popular breakfast dish in Mexico and areas of Mexican immigration. It is made by mixing fried chorizo with scrambled eggs. Chorizo con huevos is often used in breakfast burritos and tacos and taquitos

Just a little bit of both in this series of pictures.  Enjoy!

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Breakfast Burrito?

Or is it a breakfast fajita?  Something else?  It’s on a whole wheat tortilla whatever you call it.  Atop the eggs are ham, red onions, orange bell pepper, and some pepper jack cheese.  These things are sooo good.  The salsa adds just enough to put them over the top for me.


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Breakfast Burrito

Pretty conventional omelet made with some shallots and bell pepper placed on a heated tortilla and sprinkled with cheese and chili powder.  Some salsa spread next to that.

Variations on this style are fun to think on.  Different meats, veggies, cheeses-the mind boggles.  What are your favorites?