Good Morning

DSC_4064 [1600x1060]I see this most mornings out the kitchen sink window.  Hummers flocking around the nectar feeders, backlit with early morning sun.  I set the shutter speed to max  and ran the aperture setting up and down the stops, looking at the results on the LCD screen.  I wanted the bright glow in the nectar to dominate and to stop the motion so that the wings were sharp.  I forgot to change the ISO setting from auto so the camera ran it to the maximum of 3200, giving the photo that grainy look.

Caramel Corn Update

So I made two batches of the Caramel Corn.  I’ve included my  updates on the  process over on the  Bacon-Cashew Caramel Corn entry.  Click over there the see the changes.

Here’s the first picture from the new camera:

This is without any real effort, just set it for the food application and snapped.  I did have to compress it because I had it on the highest quality setting, so the file size was huge. It lost a bit in the compression.  But I am pleased so far.  I needed something I didn’t have to fuss with and this seems to fit the bill.  I’m going to a holiday light show tomorrow night, I’ll give it a real test there.

I can’t wait to have time to really play with it and see what it can do.


New Camera Post

I’ve been lusting after a new camera lately and finally pulled the trigger the other day.  A shiny new D7000 Nikon.  It seems to be working fine, it is a lot like the older D90 I’ve been using in both size and feel.  I’m not competent to make this a camera review and haven’t had it long enough even if I were.  The specs say it will outperform the older camera at the edges of the envelope, it will take better pictures in low light, has some tweaks to the auto focus mechanism so that it tracks moving subjects better and lots more.  Here’s my first real picture:

New Feeder Cam

The old camera has been failing intermittently for a while now.  It would fail to turn on, or to record pictures, or be working fine then quit for no reason we could determine.  We tried new batteries, new memory cards, and basic resets but we decided we just could no longer rely on it.  I ordered another camera, from a different maker, and set it out.  It seems to be doing OK, it was initially set to be a tad too sensitive and we were getting some empty frames caused by wind or some such.  The documentation and manual that came with this one are sorely lacking but I managed to find the adjustment method and dialed the default setting back from high to medium and it seems to be doing fine.

We didn’t turn it off yesterday all day so it captured a series of pictures of mostly birds at the feeder.  A cool and mostly dreary day brightened some with some sun in the afternoon.  Here are a few captures from the day’s take:

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