Werewolf Cat Made My Day


This little cat made my day.  His name is Atchoum. He has hypertrichosis. Not scary, just adorable.
His hair grows uncontrollably, but that doesn’t stop him from being cute as can be.


Head over to his instagram page to see all his wonderful poses.



DSC_0623 (1600x1060)We had a nice caprese salad with a burger today for lunch – pearl mozzarella with grape tomatoes and shredded basil with olive oil and a balsamic glaze.DSC_5400 (1600x1060)Our habaneros are starting to ripen.  I have a good crop of jalapenos coming along but none have started to turn red, yet.DSC02562 (1600x1060)This is one of Mrs J’s favorites.  She’s a Maine Coon mix, named Clara Bell, and staff estimate her age to be 2-1/2 years.  Those eyes!DSC_0619 (1600x1060)The King Arthur better buns recipe works great for hoagie rolls!DSC_0616 (1600x1060)This roll isn’t from that batch but it is the same recipe.  Sloppy joes are a family fave.DSC02547 (1600x1060)Moar kitteh!  This is Donald, a 3 month old male, one of a litter of 5.  Mrs J tells me that this is “kitten season” at the shelter.  St Francis’ new building has a room set aside just for kittens.  They spend all day playing outside of their cages:DSC02552 (1600x1060)

DSC_0610 (1600x1060)We don’t eat sammiches all the time.  LOL

And Where Do You Think You’re Going?

Jake  Ahem

No one can do scorn and disapproval like a cat. I’ll be out the rest of the week, so no Friday Recipe Exchange. But I promise when I get back I’ll heat up the kitchen and get some mid-winter cooking going. Until then…



Playing with Shadow and Light

Obligatory Cat Pic

Still playing with the new camera.  Finding some things I’m not liking about it.  Seems to pixelate at light levels I wouldn’t expect.  And I seem to be over exposing in bright lights on auto exposure.  I’ve only been playing with the auto features while I got use to it.  I think it may be time to take things into my own hands and do some manual work with it.  Auto samples today:

Playing with Shadows

Playing with light



Rainy Mornings

First time I’ve seen Mr Munk this year.  Sigh, a cool and rainy morning here.  Good day to look out the window.

Toby agrees.

The hummers should be here before long, looking forward to them.  Almost forgot, heres a squirrel for ya:

Dogs and Cats

I get asked a lot about what to feed cats and dogs.  I suppose it makes sense, I’ve had animals all my life and this year is the first year in 17 I haven’t had a Great Dane in my house.  My search for better food for my pets was spurred by a Great Dane who was allergic to everything – and I mean everything – and a cat with diabetes.

When I was researching food ingredients, the first thing I found out is that both cats and dogs don’t tolerate corn very well.  Finding food without corn can be a challenge – especially years ago, when even the most expensive foods still had corn.  And when you have a Great Dane who consistently throws up entire bowls of food because she’s allergic to corn, the search becomes urgent.  I went with an all meat, raw diet for a while – which was time consuming, messing and smelled awful, but solved a lot of problems.  In the end I felt like they weren’t getting all the nutrition they needed.

I was grateful when I found foods for both my cats and dogs that were very basic – meats, vegetables and brown rice.  All things that everyone in my menagerie tolerated well.   And as more people discovered these types of diets, the prices have come down, which is great, because I’ll have Great Danes again and they can polish off 40lbs of food pretty quickly.

So if your dog or cat has intestinal problems or behavior problems, both of which can be caused by food sensitivities, try cutting out the corn.  My Dane was truly allergic to everything – oatmeal, white rice, beef, grass – it took some time to find a diet she could tolerate, so don’t give up.   When you find the right diet and their fur gets soft and shiny, they shed less and are generally healthier, you’ll know you’ve hit it.  I was able to control my cat’s diabetes without insulin shots by experimenting with her diet, so it was more than worth it.   And in the long run, less expensive than lots of vet visits and insulin.