Cookies!  These are those very tasty chocolate chip oatmeal coconut raisin cookies, the recipe does not say raisins but I like them so I added a handful.  And nobody does chocolate chunks anymore, all the cool kids are into the very retro and hip chips.I tried this the other day, wanting to get some more use out of that heavy tortilla press.  It really makes some thin hamburger patties!  I backed off on the ones I actually cooked because nobody has an 8 inch burger bun.  They do fry up fast fast fast.  LOL  I love my griddle.

I splurged on this ultrawide monitor.  It’s a 34 incher and it’s wide enough to fit 2 web pages in without squeezing them too hard.  It came with a couple of software drivers – one that purports to add a settings screen to Windows (adjust brightness and contrast and so on), plus something they call a Dual Monitor Something or Another.  I think the DM driver is meant to fool the computer into believing there are actually 2 monitors hooked up but I didn’t get that far because one or both of those drivers made my computer go insane.  I managed to do a system restore and got back to normalcy.  The Nvidia graphics card handls the monitor just fine.Cats and dogs living together!  The cameras in cell phones are getting really good, but I sent this through a photo editor to brighten it up and correct the colors.

More cookies!  These are from a recipe put out by the Splenda sweetener people.  They are quick and easy and really are delicious with a nice crisp texture.

More kittehs!  Ollie and Toby like to hang about on top the the couch.  Ginger Boy is usually up there, too.

Soup!  This is that Hungarian recipe mushroom soup we’ve been making lately.  It’s full of paprika and sour cream and dill.  It’s easy to make and delicious.  Even better the next day.  I used brown buttons this time, and I ran out of tamari soy sauce so I subbed in a shot of mushroom soy – it’s a very thick and dark soy sauce that works very well in this recipe, I think it’s going to be in mine from now on.

Sammich Pr0n – Sliders and Fries

DSC_7692 (1600x1060)I am getting closer to the perfect slider.  They really need to be made on a commercial “flat top” griddle but my Lodge stove top griddle that spans two burners works pretty well.  I slice an onion really thin with a mandoline and start with little piles on onion on the greased surface with a thin beef patty atop those.  Cover with a lid of some sort so they steam themselves done, flip once and then build the sandwiches out.  Toast the buns on the griddle while the burgers cook.  I have enough room to do six of these little things at once but that’s using every square inch.

Sammich Pr0n – Cheeseburgers

DSC_6467 [1600x1200]We bought some mini onion rolls the other day and they work great for these sorta sliders.  These are mostly ground beef but there is a fair amount of my Italian sausage in there.  (Pizza leftovers)  These are not the tiny three bite sliders but they are definitely on the small side.  I used my mandoline to quickly slice a sweet Vidalia and mounded the onions in a skillet with the meat patties on top and cooked them over medium low heat with the cover on the pan, slightly ajar.  I turned them once and added a bit of cheese and covered them back until they were done.  You can just make out the onions under the cheese if you squint.  The fries are shoestrings from the frozen foods aisle.DSC_6466 [1600x1200]

Sammich Pr0n – Onion Roll Sliders

DSC_6175 [1600x1200]These are maybe a tad too large to be proper sliders but they are definitely small onion rolls.  I made them in the style of sliders at any rate.  The honey mustard is interesting, it’s a Bee Sting brand “rainforest honey” mustard that I bought to fill out an order to qualify for free shipping.  It tastes good but isn’t worth the premium price.