Food Pr0n – Cheesesteak Fries

DSC_6520 [1600x1200]Made with my favorite cut of beef, the flat iron steak.  When the local market has then on sale I usually pick up a few.  The cheese sauce was made from four different cheeses with havarti and Muenster predominating and a bit of cheddar and American.  The fries are store bought shoestrings.

Gadget Post – French Fry Cutter

DSC_3540 [1600x1200]I’ve dithered around for years wanting something like this.  I cruised the web looking for reviews of the various possibilities and ruled out most everything that wasn’t hell for stout.  We used to have one that was strictly manual, a grid of blades with a pair of handles that you would set over a potato and then practically stand on the thing to cut through so I knew the kind of force needed.  This model from Weston was my pick and it came today.  Build quality is excellent and the jumbo potatoes I used it on needed all the leverage that long handle provided.DSC_5442 [1600x1200]This is one of our favorite things:  Cheesesteak fries.  I used two pans, one for the beef and the other for the peppers and onions.  I will go back to the single pan method in the future, the beef dried out too much and needs the extra flavors  the onions provide.