20160820_165325(1600x1200)Mmm… wings!  These spent the night in a bag with a dry rub,  Toss with a little oil and arrange them on a rack in a tray and cook at 400, turn every 15 minutes.  At the 30 minute mark I turned them again and set a timer for 10 minutes because another 15 seemed like it would be too much.  TaMara just got a convection oven and that reminds me that I almost always use the convection fan when I bake so conventional ovens might need more time or a higher temp.  The wing sauce on these is the basic hot sauce plus butter and a tablespoon or 2 of honey.  20160820_121405(1600x1200)Not to gross you out but I had a small pot with Scotch Bonnet peppers and the other day I was surprised to see that a caterpillar had eaten everything but the bark on the stems, leaving nothing but a skeleton and a few seeds, plus a pile of worm turds.  He had eaten some leaves on an adjoining pepper plant.  I looked high an low for the miscreant with no luck.  I decided to scrap out the pot and when I busted up the root ball I discovered the culprit – he had burrowed in.20160819_084715(1600x1200)Homie!  He’s a habit of begging for some laser dot play every morning, he pops his head up for a second before dashing back to his starting gate, the small house in the cat tree in the background of the photo.  I was waiting for him the other day with my camera phone poised and caught him.  Yes, I turned the coffee cup beforehand, hoping for just this shot.DSC_2016(1600x1200)We’ve taken to eating breakfast for lunch.  These are BELT sammiches less the tomato and lettuce.DSC03691(1600x1200)I wish someone would adopt Susie.  She very affectionate, gets along well in the play group, runs to greet anyone entering the cat’s room, loves getting scritches.  She’s about 6 years old and has been at the shelter for half that time.  Mrs J is perplexed and saddened that no one has taken her home with them.20160819_191640(1600x1200)Ham and cheese on a hoagie roll with lots of chopped lettuce, onions, and sliced peppers in vinaigrette.  These are always good and don’t require any cooking.20160820_130228(1600x1200)We had some wild rice mix leftover.  Add broth, some chicken leftovers, cheese, milk, and a few broccoli florets and you have a delicious soup.  We like our soups rather thick so this has corn starch for the thickening agent, another way to go about getting to the same place would involve a roux started in the soup pot before anything else was added.20160821_114622(1600x1200)Sunday Lunch!  We love those teeny-weeny breakfast sausages.  I have a gob of my green jalapeno jam on the french toast.

Chicken Wings Piccata

DSC_1899 (1600x1060)Lemon goes well with chicken.  The recipe is an easy one, I adapted it for wings.  Because I’m lazy, I roasted the potatoes and the sprouts in the same tray.  The potatoes are done, albeit without much crust.  They could have done with another few minutes but the sprouts needed to come out so I called them good enough.

Wing Pr0n – Honey Soy Glaze

DSC_8521 (1600x1060)These were pretty good.  The wings were cut apart and soaked for an hour in a marinade of soy and honey with garlic ginger paste, some chili sauce, sesame oil, oyster sauce, and a splash of rice vinegar.  Line a baking tray with foil and arrange the wings on the foil or on a rack over it.  I gave these 30 minutes at 350, then brushed them with some of the marinade that I had reducing in a sauce pan.  Turn them once and make sure the sauce caramelizes.  These were in for at least 45 minutes before they came out.  Serve the reduced marinade as a sauce.

The potstickers are from frozen and were good enough that I don’t feel a need to try to make my own.

Fried Chicken Pr0n – Breaded Hot Wings

DSC_7121 (1600x1060)Along with a few breaded chicken tenders we were needing to use up.  The wings were dredged in seasoned flour, then in beaten egg with milk, and then through the seasoned flour again.  These were done after about 9 minutes in the deep fryer set to 350 or so.  DSC_7115 (1600x1060)

Mmm… wings ‘n’ rings

DSC_4610 [1600x1200]I ran low on BBQ sauce so I made a batch of what we have named “Buck’s Sauce” from the source of the recipe we take off from.  I divide the quantities by 4 to make a more manageable sized batch, and add various new tweaks every time.  To this batch I added a nice glop of chili paste – those are the red specks you see in there – and used it tonight for these fried chicken wings.  I have to say that the chili paste added a nice lip burn to the dish.  The onion rings were dusted with the same flour/cayenne mix that the wings were dredged in and then were dipped in a generic buttermilk pancake batter, the kind that comes in an envelope.  Easy and not much mess, just add a cup of water and go.  I dipped them while waiting for the last batch of wings to finish and let the excess batter drip off, maybe too long a wait?  They worked out pretty well, no complaint.DSC_4611 [1600x1200]

Honey Glazed Chicken Wings


Also called sticky wings.  I sorted through several recipes on line looking for just the perfect looking recipe to follow.  I ran down some promising leads and ended up merging several into what I think turned out very well.  I thought to bookmark two of the sites:  The crock pot idea came from here, and the sauce came from this place.I started out yesterday by making a marinade for the chicken with a recipe  from another site that I can’t seem to find now.  I think I remember the main parts:  a cup of soy sauce, some sesame oil, the juice of a lemon, some minced garlic,  a couple of tablespoons of hoisin sauce, and several teaspoons of fresh grated ginger root.  I tossed everything into a ziplock bag and left it in the fridge untill 3 oclock this morning.  Don’t ask.  While I was up I put the chicken plus all the marinade into the crock pot on low.  I dumped everything out into a colander to drain about noon today, the chicken was falling off the bone so I handled it gently as I could.  I mixed the sauce from the latter recipe, adding a good squeeze of ketchup for just a touch more color, and tossed the wings in it for a minute then arrayed them on a foil lined baking tray to get a last bit of browning under a broiler.  Drizzle all of the remaining sauce atop the wings.

That worked out nicely.  I let them broil when the rice cooker got towards the end of its cycle, turning them all once.  Since they were already fully cooked all I wanted was some color, and they took maybe 10 minutes.  When the rice was done the chicken was ready.  They plated up prettily.

A scatter of chopped green onions for  garnish finished the presentation.  This was just a great tasting dinner.  Must have been the honey.

Mmm…hot wings

The last time we fixed these we used the store brand wing sauce.  Mrs J complained that it seemed a bit rich, and I agreed.  It seemed greasy to me on top of that.  In general, though, I liked the hot wings concept and decided to give them another whirl today.

I read through a dozen or so recipes for wing sauces for ideas and came up with a recipe that seemed to pass muster.  I went with the basic recipe: 1/4 C hot sauce, 1/4 C butter and added a few tweaks.  I added another 1/2 t of paprika, a splash of balsamic vinegar, a little red wine vinegar, a half  T of brown sugar, and a full T of chili sauce-the stuff that looks a lot like ketchup.  I had Heinz chili sauce on hand so that’s what I used.  I saw some recipes that called for ketchup.

The overall heat of the sauce is determined in large part by the choice of hot sauce you make your sauce with.  I used the store brand hot sauce that was pretty mild.  I’m sure bar fights have broken out over what is the correct hot sauce to use but I’m not all that picky.  Naturally, a good measure of cayenne along with the paprika will have an impact.  More or less sugar or vinegar will take you in a slightly different direction.  I would bet that my next batch of wing sauce won’t be the same as the one I turned out this afternoon.  That is half the fun of cooking.

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