Breakfast Post

I’m beginning to like these a lot.  Toss some veggies into a small pan with a bit of oil to soften a bit.  I’m using a little non stick pan that’s perfect for this.  Today I found some tomato bits, a few diced red onions, and a little bit of a yellow bell pepper.  Beat a few eggs and dump them in atop the veggies and do the scrambled egg stir.  Meanwhile warm a tortilla, the microwave will work.  Just a few seconds.  Plate the tortilla and place the scrambled egg across the middle and daub on some chili sauce and/or salsa, sprinkle some cheese.  Roll it up, or not, does make it look pretty for its picture:

Found a little bit of avocado!  Yum!



Didn’t know there was such a thing until I read a comment on an early morning open thread on a blog I frequent.  Commenter “mikefromtexas” said he might make some for his breakfast.  A quick Google and there they were.  Here’s the top of the page recipe I looked at this morning. Confident that all recipes are suggestions I ended up here:

Recipe called for corn tortillas but having only flour ones I used them.  Fired up the pan and added a good slug of oil, soon the tortilla pieces were toasting.  I tossed in some diced green onions and a jalapeno, also diced.  Gave them a few minutes then in went the eggs/salsa mixture to scramble.  Meanwhile I sliced an avocado and diced some red onion, a yellow bell pepper and a tomato.  Dug out my chili sauce from the other day, some sour cream.  Forgetting something I know.

Ack!  Forgot the cheese!  Oh well…


Fun With Dried Chilies

I’ll be doing a reprise of this today.  Few differences other than the chili sauce I’m working up.  In the last recipe the ancho peppers were just not appealing visually so I puttered about the kitchen this afternoon thinking about how to get the taste without the leather.  I simmered them in water for a while and thought about just dicing them fine, but the blender caught my eye.  I don’t use it much, decided to give it a whirl, pun intended.  Dumped the anchos plus the water they boiled in into the blender and gave it a spin.  Heh. I just kill myself.  Looked a bit thick so I added some lime juice.  Now a shallot and some garlic.  Coming along.  I scraped it out of the blender and put it into the small sauce pan for a good simmer.  Added some sweetener.  It has an interesting flavor.  The ancho is there, and the shallot, just a touch of sweet.  Smoky warm, not really hot.  It will pass the Mrs J test.  I wasn’t quite done with it yet.  Poured half a cup of mild salsa into the mix.  Mmm.  Now we are getting somewhere.

Sriracha Sauce

I’ve mentioned this stuff before and thought it may be a good idea to post a pic for the benefit of those who maybe didn’t know what I was talking about.  This is some good stuff.  I use it all the time in recipes that need a little bite.  A little practice and the proper dose is easily found.  You can see why I call it “rooster sauce”.  LOL

EDIT:  I Googled for *sriracha+vegetarian+recipes* after reading a comment to this post and got 38,000 hits.  Didn’t have time to go through them all but this recipe caught my eye.