Gadget Post: Meet Alice

Carson has a new friend and they work as a great team. She’s an iRobot Braava that I have named Alice.  I have had her for a few months and am very pleased with how well and thorough she cleans. Very quiet, but with a nice, loud, cheery, beeping tune when she’s completed. She has never run over any of my rugs, she gets in tight spaces (behind the toilet!) and doesn’t leave streaks.

Running time is long, about 1.5 hours and the recharge is less than 30 minutes. She’s slow, so my small house takes her about an hour to complete (Carson is less than 45 minutes to vacuum).

Only a couple of issues: instead of an on-board brain like Carson has, she has a little GPS box you have to place in the room. Which means, unlike Carson, she can’t do the entire house without relocating the box. And secondly, for the expense, you get one cheap mopping cloth that isn’t going to last long. I had to order replacements right away (knockoffs from Amazon).

There is also a sweeping feature, but since I have Carson run through the house first, then Alice mops, I haven’t had the opportunity to use it. Basically she’s like a very expensive swiffer. But I find it hard to argue with the price, because I was seriously looking at hiring a housekeeper twice a month. Which didn’t really address what I needed – clean floors with 5 very hairy animals.

I run Carson three times a week and Alice once a week – and while they run, I’m busy working (or sometimes I’m running around doing other cleaning)  – so for me at least they are time-saving, cleaning wonders. Well worth it.