Momma’s Li’l Helper

DSC_3319 [1600x1200]Bitsy helps her momma with the Facebookin’ chores.



Still downloading updates and tweaking apps.  Seems to be working pretty much as anticipated.  I can report that the HDMI cable is working well, providing audio without needing any other wires.  I had a little hiccup setting the TV itself but that was soon remedied.

I will be busy later on.

Ordered a new mini desktop computer to marry with the new TV in the front room and FedEx is telling me it is on the truck for delivery today.  Pretty sure I have the cables in need to get it hooked up although I reserve the right to find better or more appropriate cables as experience will dictate.  I’ll be all afternoon getting it set up and loaded with Firefox and Chrome browsers.  Probably I will just go with the free MS anti virus app, I am running that on a little notebook computer and so far so good.

It rained pretty good last night and I was wondering how much we got as the rain passed out of the area, stuck my nose out of the door with a flashlight to look at the new giant rain gauge Mrs J installed.  The feeble flashlight beam wasn’t helping very much but I had a brilliant idea!

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