Cookbook News: Summer Into Fall Edition Available Now!

Order What’s 4 Dinner Solutions: Summer into Fall here!

What’s 4 Dinner Solutions actually started years before the blog, as a menu service for busy families. When it was time to move on from that, I started the blog to continue sharing recipes. But what that means is, I have in my arsenal, fifty-two weeks of menus, recipes and shopping lists.

A few years ago, a friend convinced me to turn it into a cookbook. I quickly realized it would be unmanageable as one cookbook, so I’ve created four: Summer into Fall, Fall into Winter, Winter into Spring and Spring into Summer. Continue reading


Spicy Potato Soup and an Announcement

Spicy Potato Soup_Snap2

I made a basic Zuppa Toscana (recipe here) and spiced it up a bit. Some red pepper flakes, a little cayenne. I caramelized the onions in the pressure cooker, removed them to the ground beef I had browned. I added a touch more butter to the pressure cooker and sauteed the potatoes a bit before adding the water and pressurizing the potatoes. Just to give them a little more flavor.

That takes care of the soup, now the announcement. I have finally taken the plunge and the cookbook(s) are now in process. Having met the deadline for text, I am now under a push to get the photographs done. This means that I will be absent for a considerable amount of time over the next few weeks. My goal is to continue the Thursday recipe exchange recipes and I’m hoping to find time to pull recipes from the archives and repost them.

I’ll keep you up to date on the cookbook progress.

Until then…

Writing a Cookbook Poses Questions

I’m in the editing phase of writing a cookbook to go along with the menus and recipes at What’s 4 Dinner Solutions.  It’s the most boring part of what up until now has been a very fun job.  Not complaining by any means, just adjusting.  Now menu testing, that’s always fun, even when it doesn’t work.

As I decide what to do with the cookbook, I’m looking for input.  It is set up in such a way that it would make a great cd-rom.  Users could search it, edit recipes to fit their family, and print out only the recipes and menus they need.  Save some trees, pages will never be coverered in sauces and fingerprint smudges.  

My question is, do people expect a cookbook to actually be a book?  Or would they rather use the computer.  Many of my friends already print recipes off the web.  I’m torn and could use some input.  If you have any thoughts, leave them in the contacts or head on over to the website and contact me there (use the Ask TaMara link).  I appreciate your opinions.