Happy Birthday Julia!

I’ve written before of my love of Julia Child (and can we get Meryl Streep & Stanley Tucci to star in a full on bio about her?), so I’m thrilled she is everywhere today because of her 100th birthday. In celebration I’d like to say thanks for the early inspiration. She and Graham Kerr were childhood favorites and decidedly colored my easy, no stress cooking style.

PBS did a Julia Remix, I didn’t particularly like it, so you get this instead because it made me laugh today:

Which makes me think that later today we’ll have another installment of Back to Basics Cooking and do Roast Chicken.

Now, just because I was cruising Youtube for my other favorite, hunky Graham Kerr (who my mom politely used to tell me that he was probably tasting a bit too much of his own cooking wine) you get a bonus clip: