Crockpot Beans and Cornbread Muffins

DSC_5265 [1600x1200]When I was browsing the Homesick Texan’s house yesterday I noticed another post she did on “Ranch Style” beans that she missed from her time growing up in Texas.  I remembered her musings when I was looking around for something to fix and spotted some red beans in my cupboard.  This isn’t her recipe because I was too lazy to look it back up.  It is close to it if you back off far enough.  I soaked the beans for a bit in water before I decided to give the crockpot a spin.  I dumped the water and put the beans in the pot with a diced onion, a can of tomato bits, a covering of beef broth, a few chunks of cured ham and a generous dose of chili powders of various sorts.  I think they worked well enough but I’ll not be entering any bean throwdowns with them.