Kind Of A Gadget Post: Me-Mover

This has been on my wishlist for a few years. A half-price sale tipped the scales from wishlist to purchase.

Between walking the dogs and still un-restored trails after the flood of 2013, cycling has lost it cachet. I do miss my rides, but walking the dogs out by the lake or up in the mountains takes precedent.

Yet…walking dogs is not exactly an aerobic sport. More like an exercise in patience as they explore their world in fits and starts.  Especially now that I’m tasked with leash training a puppy. So my workouts needed something more. And this was it.

It operates like a stairmaster on wheels. It’s a heck of a workout in a short amount of time. Twenty to thirty minutes is exactly what I wanted, outside and in the fresh (cold) air. I’m not a fan of the gym.



Cycling on a Sunday Morning

Mountain View

At least I still have a mountain view

A week or so ago, I went out on my bike, determined to carve out somewhere to ride. I managed to find about 11 miles to ride. There’s a lot of looping around several times and turning around where the trails end abruptly due to flood damage.  It’s an okay ride, not great, but it doesn’t suck.Sugar Mill Ride1

It has led me to some new areas of town I had not taken the time to explore before. Most notably the old, abandoned Sugar Mill.  Colorado has a long history of sugar beet refining and this mill was probably key to the growth and development of Longmont.

Long abandoned, the Sugar Mill is as prominent on the horizon to the east as Long’s Peak is to the west.

Sugar Mill

It sits on an old road called, obviously, Sugar Mill Road – I mean the horror movie writes itself, doesn’t it?  It does makes a nice loop that I ride through twice. It’s a little spooky, as it sits at the bottom of a steep hill and the buildings on each side give it a canyon-like feel.  And the condemned buildings are so close to the road you can feel the eyes looking at you see completely through the broken windows and crumbling walls to more dilapidated buildings.

Sugar Mill Road

I don’t think I’ll be doing any sunset rides along this route. While mountain lions gave me pause riding at sunset along the river, here I’m pretty sure that Jason rooms next to Freddie Krueger in a building managed by Satan. Sunset seems unwise.

No Vacancy

But YMMV. At least it gives me reason to ride extra fast.

Coming up this week – the weekly menu, which I haven’t decided on yet and a gluten-free pumpkin cake. Until then….


Summer Road Blocks

Geese Before

This is new this summer. I ride around five large ponds on the days I cycle. Suddenly this summer, a flock of Canada Geese (there are many around the area) has decided this little strip of land between two of the ponds belongs to them. I have no idea why. It’s well traveled. I suppose they want to keep an eye on both ponds…or just to annoy everyone.

I ride through them several times on one ride – I loop the ponds two or three times depending on my mood.

They do not move. I literally have to weave through them like orange cones on an obstacle course. They are unfazed:

Geese Unfazed

Can’t say my rides are ever boring or the same from one day to the next, that’s for sure. Here they are right after I’ve ridden through them:

Geese After

Silly geese.


A Little Saturday Zen: Spring in Colorado


I’m cooking up a storm, because we’ve been having barbecues, but haven’t had time to post anything yet. Spending a great deal of time outdoors when I can. Yesterday’s recipe exchange was the victim of my desire to take a long ride along the river. But I got a few pictures.

Spring 2013

And finally, the state flower. Spring was hard for most blooms this year. Lilacs were lackluster, pale, straggly and with little fragrance and now the flowering locust is blooming with only the faintest scent. Oh, well, there’s always next year.

Blue Columbine 2013


A Little Respite: Birds in Flight


I went for a long ride on Sunday and a flock of White Pelicans were totally enjoying the beautiful afternoon. They flew around for a good 20 minutes. I watched and watched and kept thinking if I get my camera out they’ll be gone. I finally dug it out of my pack and got some nice shots. They were really high up and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to capture them. Did my best, though.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are American White Pelicans, as far as I know. When they arrive, I  know winter is truly over.


Calm Before the Storm

Click for full size

Click for full size

From my ride today, which included a bald eagle playing high in the clouds, an osprey swooping low over the water, a couple of blue herons and several fish testing out their air fins, leaping high enough to startle me.

We’re expecting a foot of snow on Tuesday…or a lot of rain. It’s April, it will be the luck of the draw. No matter what, today’s warm and sunny will soon be cool and cloudy with some kind of precipitation.

I got my rides in though, so I’m happy and can hold out till Thurs or Fri when the weather will be better and hopefully the trails not too muddy.

Beautiful Fall Day

Click for full size

Windows and doors open. I got a nice ride in. Made a nice apple crisp, adding some leftover apple butter to make it extra special. Yum.

I love the juxtaposition of the Colorado blue sky and the white bark.