Mmm… Vidalias Are In!

DSC_8368 (1600x1060)I grabbed a couple of the big Vidalias Kroger had out because onion rings!


DSC_7608 (1600x1060)I’m not ashamed to admit that Mrs J worked harder on the salad than I did frying the rest of it.  The shrimp and the mushrooms came out of a bag bought on the frozen foods aisle.  I did process the French fries myself, and put together the cocktail dipping sauce.PICT3260 (1600x1060)We see this flock of turkeys all over.  Usually they trip the camera we keep overlooking the automatic feeder down by the back pond.  This is within sight of the house, looking North.DSC_7592 (1600x1060)We had tacos the other night.  These have ground beef, refried beans, shredded cabbage, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, sour cream, New Mexico pepper salsa, and shredded cheeses in lightly fried corn tortillas.  We had leftover fillings so I made quesadillas for lunch today:DSC_7603 (1600x1060)Post needs moar puppehs and kittehs!IMG_3889 (1600x1200)

IMG_3929 (1600x1200)I pan fried a couple of rib eyes the other day, and steamed some broccoli, but what really made the meal were the little golden potatoes I tossed with olive oil and kosher salt and roasted on a tray in a 425 oven for about 20-25 minutes or so.  They were turned once – start them cut side down because that will brown them nicely.DSC_7597 (1600x1060)

Deep Frying Fail

DSC_5501 [1600x1200]I was hoping the leaves would open out better.  Sour cream and broccoli salad to the rescue!  It ends up just a funny looking baked potato.  To the oven!  I think the leaves are going to have to be helped a little.

Hot Wings


With more of the copycat slaw and some baked beans.  I had too much seasoned flour left over after dredging all the chicken and was loathe to just dump it.  I added a bit of cornstarch and enough water to make a thin-ish batter and dipped a few broccoli florets for deep frying.  It actually worked out better than I had hoped, we may make deep fried veggies a standard part of the hot wings menu.

Recipe for the wings? Moi?  

OK!  LOL!  Disjoint the wings, discard the tips (or save for stock), and pour buttermilk over them in a bowl, cover and refrigerate.  You can season the buttermilk with cayenne and paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper – or whatever sounds good to you.  I let these marinate for an hour then dredged them in seasoned flour and laid them out on a rack over a tray to rest a bit while the oil heated in my fryer.  Fry them in batches at 375 until they are golden, these took 7 minutes or so.  I kept the fried pieces in the oven at 200 to keep them warm while finishing the rest.

Mrs J hates my hot sauce so I serve these to her plain and she dips them in a sauce of her choice – usually Sweet Baby Ray’s.  I drizzle my pile of wings with hot sauce at the table.  Everybody is happy!

Deep Fried Soft Boiled Eggs

I saw these a while back, and then again just yesterday, and resolved to try them out.

Drop fresh eggs into boiling water and remove them after 5 or 6 minutes to an ice water bath to stop the cooking and chill them through.  It’ll take 15 minutes or so to cool them down.  Meanwhile bring enough oil to cover them to about 360 degrees.  When the eggs are chilled, carefully peel them and pat dry.  Roll them in flour, then in a beaten egg, then bread crumbs.  I did this for the first egg and eased it into the hot oil until it browned.  Much of the breading came off in handling but the yolk was perfect so I knew the method was sound enough to try the second egg.  This time I dropped the breaded egg back into the beaten egg for a second layer, and then on into the breading.  This double breaded egg worked much better.The boiling time will vary according to the temperature of the eggs,  I used eggs straight from the fridge.  These eggs spent just over 5 minutes aboil and were, maybe, a tad underdone – there was a hint of runny white.  If I do these again I’ll probably give them 5-1/2 minutes.  Six, maybe.  I had Italian seasoned bread crumbs, panko is worth a shot if you have that.

The eggs were plated atop hash browns and sauteed pico de gallo that was leftover from the other day, a pretty good combo!

Pancake batter coating for onion rings

I came across a recipe for fried onion rings the other day that used pancake batter mix to coat the rings.  There were several pretty much identical recipes on the same theme and most of the reviews were positive.  Tonight we gave them a try.I mixed up some batter per the package directions and dusted the rings with flour and seasonings.  These got seasoned salt and a generous shake of cayenne.  I seems somewhere along the line I learned that dusting the raw rings like this helped the batter stick better.  You can treat this step as optional.  Dredge the floured rings in the batter, shake off excess, and plop them into the hot oil.  They will float, flip them onto the other side so they brown evenly and remove to a rack to drain.  I keep mine in a warm oven while the rest of the batch fries.  Give them another good shake of salt while they are fresh from the oil.Mrs J calls them a success, saying they were “sweet tasting” and “very good” and “I could eat the entire basket of them”.  Not that they came in an actual basket, mind, but you know what she meant.  I’ll give them an 8 on a 10 scale.  Good flavor, easy recipe to put together, but just a tad too greasy.  I think a final coat of bread crumbs would have been good for these but I wanted to try them with just the batter.

Mmm…fried pies

Mrs J was waxing nostalgic yesterday about those fried pies she learned to make in her home ec class in high school.  She made them for me once that I can remember-long time ago.  Soon she was digging through her drawer full of scraps and clippings and found the recipe for the pie dough:

3 T butter

3 T shortening

1/2 t salt

1/2 t baking powder

1-1/2 C flour

3 T plus 2 t ice water

Blend together, then wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.  Next day, let the dough come to room temperature and roll into rough circles, make a final cut with a jar lid or similar as a guide  The lid we used measured 4-1/2″, and we ended up with eight pies.  Spoon in your filling and fold over, press the edges with a fork to seal the seam. Next, immerse the pie into a bowl of milk, or brush milk onto them, then plop them into 350 degree oil for 5 or 6 minutes or until they are golden brown.  Mix powdered sugar with a bit of water to make a thin paste to brush on for icing.

Mrs J used canned cherry pie filling for these, they came out great!

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