DSC_0892 (1600x1060)I’ve mentioned the turkey we cooked the other day.  We really didn’t have any particular aim for the meat so I had a big ziplock bag full in the fridge waiting for me to do something.  Turkey salad sounded like a good way to move some of that along.  I have fun putting these salads together, chicken and turkey are pretty much interchangeable.  This one has a dressing of sour cream and mayo, in a 1:1 ratio.  I like to add cheese to mine and I usually have partial bags of shredded cheese laying about.  This one got a little cheddar and Monterey jack, and a substantial amount of Parmesan.  I can recommend Parmesan as being a particularly good addition after tasting this batch.  Also mixed in – pickle relish, chopped celery, a smallish Vidalia onion, a half cup or so of red bell pepper, a few minced cloves of garlic, and a tablespoon of well chopped fresh parsley.PICT1237 (1600x1060)More wildlife!  Not all that random, Mrs J adds corn and sunflower seeds to that pile daily and the local deer know to stop by.IMG_20150901_113041165 (1600x1200)Mrs J discovered a coupon app from her favorite store, she exercises it weekly.  DSC_0889 (1600x1060)Pork chops cooked in mushroom soup for a fantastic gravy and one of my all time favorite comfort foods.  I nearly ruined the box mix rice, it was all set to go in the rice cooker when I grabbed the rice vinegar bottle instead of the olive oil and gave it a good dose.  I dumped it out through a sieve and added it back to the cooker with fresh water.  It came out fine!arrgh!...I can't look (3) (1600x1060)Here’s an oldie but goody of Toby. Caption contest!DSC_0846 (1600x1060)I’m getting better at shaping the buns.  I’ve standardized on 8 buns per recipe, they make fair sized buns, not too big or too small.DSC02803 (1600x1200)I had to ask Mrs J how this momma-to-be cat got so dirty but she assures me that it’s natural coloration.DSC02796 (1600x1200)Here’s a handsome boy!  Ringo has some pretty blue eyes, he’s five months old and is ready to go out the door.  Hurry, he won’t be waiting long!

Random Wildlife

PICT0994 (1600x1060)Ginger spends a lot of time down by the squirrel feeder.  I keep telling him about “watched pots” but he won’t listen.  The deer watches the watcher.  This is from a few days ago – sometimes we skip bringing in the memory chips for a few days and then have a hundred photos to scroll through, or more.  We discard 99% of them but occasionally there are a few we save.PICT1045 (1600x1060)Here’s the neighbor’s mackerel patterned kitteh, hunting mice early of a morning.PICT1065 (1600x1060)Another neighbor kitteh, he’s a smokey gray male that used to visit more often until he was adopted by another neighbor.PICT1599 (1600x1060)A doe and her twin fawns, captured by another camera on the other side of the house.  They still have their spots but they are slowly fading away as they grow older.PICT1581 (1600x1060)We see turkeys fairly often.


DSC_5177 (1600x1060)Katie was enjoying the first snow free day a little too much.  It’s a good thing she got her ya yas out because we got more snow:DSC_5186 (1600x1060)It started out with a little sleet but that turned to snow and that fell all day and didn’t taper off till after dark.DSC01872 (1600x1060)

Not quite six inches.  I got out on the tractor today and bladed the drive.DSC_0034 (1600x1060)One of Mrs J’s fortified carrot cakes was reward for my labors.  It’s a box mix with extra shredded carrot, raisins, and crushed pineapple.  Mmm… moist and sweet, especially with the toasted coconut on the cream cheese icing.  There’s a little orange zest sprinkled on there, too.  Smelled great!DSC_0028 (1600x1060)Quesadillas with egg, roasted pork, and cheddar garnished with sour cream and a nice hot sauce.DSC_5175 (1600x1060)Ginger Boy oversees doggie dinner prep.  Mrs J buys dry kibble and leavens it with her own blend of goodies.  She adds cooked chicken, rice, cottage cheese, green beans, sweet potatoes, liver, and ground beef in varying proportion, cooking it up in big pots and freezing it in plastic containers.  The pups love it so she must be doing it right.DSC_0039 (1600x1060)A stir fry with chicken and various veggies over yellow rice.  Not bad but far from my best effort.

Twilight Deer

When the light is just right these videos from the trail cameras shift to what I  assume is an infra-red video mode.  Sometimes the shift comes when there is still light enough for everything in the frame to be illuminated in this strangely beautiful manner.  It looks like snow is on the ground, or a thick frost, perhaps.

Watchdog Kate

DSC_3560 [1600x1200]Sorry for the blurry photo but this is the best I have, so far, of Katie chasing deer out of her yard.  She watches them gather at the feeder in the back yard and will creep towards them until one turns to flee and then the chase is on.  She doesn’t chase far, just until they make the trees, and one chase per day seems to be enough even though they will regroup and return.