Shelter Visit

Mrs J paid a visit to the shelter this afternoon, checking on her pals.  They have a new crop of kittens, and a litter of cute puppies.  No, the staffer isn’t strangling those kittehs!  LOL!Here’s that litter of puppies.  They are cute as, uh, a litter of puppies.  This last one has a quizzical expression that just cries out for a caption.  I was going with “They are going to cut off my WHAT?” but Mrs J ruined that when she said this particular dearie was a girl.

St. Francis Community Animal Rescue & Education (CARE)

Orphan Puppy Update

I put this picture up last month.  A 4 day old orphaned puppy was being raised by hand.

He survived and is now eating some soft food although he hasn’t forsworn the bottle yet.  Staff named him Boris, and are spoiling him rotten.  LOL!  We have little idea what mix he is.  He will likely be small, the mother weighed only 10 pounds.  Mrs J thinks there is some terrier in him.

St. Francis Community Animal Rescue & Education (CARE)


Mrs J went to a local eatery that was hosting a dinner and an auction to benefit the pet shelter.  It is an upscale Mexican themed place that is pretty popular, enough so that reservations are usually required.  I’ve eaten there before but wasn’t all that impressed with the menu.  They did put together a nice margarita pitcher.

The dinner and auction was a real success, the shelter director estimated the auction take at around seven thousand dollars and thought that the pledged share of the gross revenues from the dinner would exceed that.  Yay for the local eatery!

Anyway, when Mrs J came home she had a doggie bag with the remains of her dinner.  Seems she ordered a chimichanga with the usual sides but thought it a poor effort.  She thought I could do better.  I finished her leftovers and agreed to give it a try.

These are filled with slow cooked pork and shredded cheeses.  They are fairly easy to assemble:  Warm a flour tortilla in the microwave for a few seconds to limber it up, then roll the fillings as you would for a burrito, then use toothpicks or skewers to fasten the last flap shut.  Fry these in small batches in a half inch or so of hot oil until browned on all sides.  It won’t take long.  I kept them warm on a rack in a 200 degree oven.  Serve them with your favorite sides.  Tonight we had Spanish rice and refried beans, with garnishes of sliced jalapenos, sour cream, and tomato salsa.  Yummy!

Open House

I wandered through the pet shelter during their open house Saturday snapping pictures literally left and right.  So many animals needing a new home.  It can get to you.  All of these pets are lucky, they have food, medical care, and a dedicated staff to keep it all running smoothly.  Lots of volunteers help out, doing whatever is needed even if it’s just holding and petting a traumatized animal.

This operation is entirely funded by donations from individuals and corporations.  Local stores donate food and other pet care products.  You, too, can help-go to their website and look around, meet some of the dogs and cats, read about coming events, and most importantly–donate!

St. Francis Community Animal Rescue and Education (CARE)

Some of the way too many:

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I mentioned last post that Mrs J called and said there was an influx of kittens and a few puppies from a kill shelter in a town down the road a ways.  It was her first trip over there and she was clearly upset at the conditions.

Anyway, they brought back eight kittens and three puppies.  Alas, the picture at the top is the only one that was clear enough to put up.  They were all covered with fleas and filth and so got baths and treatment for ear mites, upper respiratory infections and worms.

Nancy, the top volunteer and board member of the St Francis Shelter is getting together a cleaning expedition to that dismal place, they will share some of their donated supplies and the staff veterinarian will set up an afternoon clinic to try to tend to some of the egregious maladies they noted.

Please help:   St. Francis CARE