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20160724_094031(1600x1200)I think ten is the sweet spot when baking the King Arthur bun recipe, not too big, not too small.20160724_120430(1600x1200)Just the right size!20160724_174648(1600x1200)Made some tuna salad today, we’ve been giving that bread slicing gadget a workout.  Tuna salad on toast is another good way to use the tomatoes we have coming on strong.  Probably going to boil down some more juice soon.20160724_174830(1600x1200)We are starting to grow fond of leaf lettuce on sammiches, it doesn’t have the same crunch as iceberg but it does lay nice and flat and uniform.20160723_123019(1600x1200)Gabe goes from 90 miles per hour to naptime in about 6 seconds flat.20160721_103040(1600x1200)I have a better photo of the eggs in that nest I first posted about a week ago.  We tried to get a video of the little bird flying from the nest but failed to get anything useful.  I did get a little better look at the bird but just confirmed that it was a wee brown birdie.  It might be a house finch but a tip from a commenter over at Balloon Juice pointed me toward the Chipping Sparrow – the wings of our bird are darker than the belly.20160722_131315(1600x1200)Here’s another cold cuts and cheese sammich with a few sides.DSC_2799 (1600x1200)I’ll wrap with a picture from the archive.  I’m tickled by the balancing act this dragonfly is putting on, and I think the colors are pretty.


Moonlight and Dragonflies

Posting will be light this week as I prepare to go out of town again. Trying to fit 6 days of work into 3. Had a great ride today. A few pics as I play some more with my camera. Hoping to have some good beach shots for you by next week.

Click on any photo to embiggen. First up, the harvest moon, which I thought turned out ok for a point and shoot camera:

Playing with the macro and telephoto. Not bad:

And finally, they put 4 more of these signs on the hiking/biking trail. I haven’t heard of any incidents, but I guess with the drought and warm weather they’re expecting company:

I can’t remember if I told the story here or just on Facebook, but I was sitting on a bench drinking water when I overheard two men, walking toward me, one said, “See that bench over there, where that woman is sitting, that’s where I saw the mountain lion.” Yup, that was the bench I was sitting on and he was pointing at me.

Puttering about with a camera

I’m always seeing something that makes me wish I had my camera to hand.  There was a skink scrambling around and under some rocks this afternoon that prompted me to go get it but he was gone, of course.  Still, there were rewards.  A pretty butterfly:

I have no idea what kind it is.  Same for this dragonfly:

And the jackpot!  The butterfly bush is blooming and that drew my favorite daytime moth, the Clearwing Hummingbird moth: