That last batch of muffins went fast.  They had some ripe bananas on sale (manager’s special!) the last quick trip Mrs J made to the store so she bought a bunch.  Time for more muffins!

This time I had bananas aplenty.  I made some additions to the same recipe I linked to last time-along the same lines as for my last batch.  Then I made additions to my additions.  I used more chocolate this time, four ounces of Baker’s sweet chocolate, about a cup of hazelnuts, and a good cup and a half of raisins and chopped dried apricots.  I soaked the dried fruits for a half hour to hydrate them a bit.

I had enough batter to make 16 muffins.  We only had 12 cupcake paper cups left so I just buttered four of the cups in that old muffin tin of Mrs J’s.  They popped right out.  It looks like the old tin made slightly bigger muffins than the newer one, but for some reason the four muffins in it baked quicker than the dozen in the other.  I pulled those four from the oven after 20 minutes, and left the others for another three or four.

Bitsy helped out a lot.

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Never Too Late for Breakfast

Mrs J is out cleaning her gardens of the winter detritus and I’m back in the kitchen wondering if the dried cherries I found would make a nice syrup.  Yes they can!  Took the handful I found in the cupboard and simmered them in some water in a small sauce pan.  Minced some dried apricots and tossed them in too.  It started looking pretty good but a taste told me it needed some sweetener.  Added a bit. Decided a splash of orange juice would help, it did.  A few drops of lime juice. Added some corn starch in a slurry to thicken it, and then a bit more as it continued to simmer.  Turned out great.  Well, pretty good.  I guess great is reserved for the blueberry syrup I made with some frozen fruits.