Clear Up Those Clogged Sinuses Fast!

I also ground up a fair amount of dried serranos.  I’m not sure which are hotter, the serranos or the cayenne.  The habs are in that “just a little dab’ll do ya” category along with Brylcreem.

Breakfast Pr0n – Steak Mole and Eggs

DSC_5984 [1600x1200]I’ve been making mole sauces before I knew what a mole sauce was.  I called mine “ancho sauce” because I used dried ancho peppers to make it.  I still do, although other dried chilies are in this one, too.  There are tons of recipes for sauces of this sort but they have in common a general method:  Gather dried peppers and remove stems and seeds, simmer them in water or stock, and then whirl them in a blender with whatever else suits the occasion.  I always add garlic cloves, dried oregano, and lime juice to mine.  These are the sauces that draw double takes when reading the recipes – many call for the addition of chocolate.  I think you could get by without a blender if you use powdered chilies, and I’d bet that is how most of these sauces have been made.


I snapped this earlier today.  I have been picking the peppers as soon they come ripe but I’ve let these few stay just for a photo.They are good looking peppers, interesting shapes and good colors, they go from a light green through orange to the fiery red we have with this one.  As I mentioned, I’ve been plucking the peppers as they turn red.  I had no idea what to do with these things, I’m not a masochist when it comes to peppers and these can bring some real heat. I’ll grind these up and use them as I would the dried red pepper flakes we are all familiar with.  Should make a good sprinkle on a pizza, and a pinch or two in soups and sauces should work just fine.

Mmm… ramen

Not much to this, just a basic ramen with some additions.  I tossed some dried red peppers into the chicken broth to simmer along with a few dried shiitakes.  When the mushrooms were tender I sliced them and then added the package of noodles and a few pieces of roast pork from the freezer.  There are all sorts of amendments possible with these sorts of quick dishes:  Various vegetables like carrots and broccoli, onions, bean sprouts, or water chestnuts all come immediately to mind.