When September Begins

No matter what else is going on, most days I can say my ducks are in a row.

“Scout, show me your bone!”


Gardening Is Good For The Soul

Saturday I set out to do some early morning gardening and think through the next scene in Duxbridge (Duxbridge Mysteries: Recipe for Murder)  that’s giving me trouble. Gardening is good for that.

A few minutes into pulling bindweed and trying not to swear with every vine, my now 11-year old (how does that keep happening – wasn’t she just 4 and her dad would park his car across the driveway so she could ride her bike without worrying she’d land in the street?) neighbor stops by.

As usual, she wants to talk about plants and the household menagerie. We chat amiably for quite a while and then she disappears, as kids are wont to do. I figured she’d grown bored of watching me weed. Understandable, I was bored with weeding myself.

But no, she reappears with her mom’s gardening basket filled with gloves, tools, and a knee-pad. She slips on gloves and grabs her clippers, kneels on the pad, and begins to help me trim down the iris leaves

She also brought cilantro seeds for me to plant for the ducks.

I did figure out that scene, btw, it just didn’t happen while gardening.

Hail NO! Save the Ducks!

Had to dash out and save the ducks from the hail. The duckteens had no idea what was going on and the big girls tried to hide under the bushes – but unfortunately the bushes have not leafed out yet. Got them in the coop just before the deluge.


My Life Is Weird, Part..oh, who knows at this point

I  mean,  who finds a pig in their front yard?

Open Thread: My Life Is Weird, part..I've lost count

Our Sunday was interesting…

Yes, that’s a pig.

Yes, that’s my front yard.

Anyone keeping track of how many different animals I’ve rescued since we’ve all known each other?

Clearly a “house-pig” she was housebroken and rolled over several times so I could rub her belly.  In the several hours she stayed with us, she managed to wreak havoc in the garage, getting into everything. And every time I opened the door to check on her, she’d try and force her way into the house.

I kept her in the garage, but Bixby, being well able to open any door, finally made his way into the garage, so I said screw it and let them all out into the backyard and watched them interact. I was pretty certain the dogs would behave but was unsure our guest would leave the ducks alone.

I need not have worried about the little pig and dogs, they acted like they’d been friends forever.  The ducks, however, were not amused.

While outside, Miss Pig-Pig’s people were out looking for her and I heard them calling her, so I located them and reunited them with their friend.

She was completely adorable, running as fast as her little legs would take her to her people when they came to get her. She lives close enough to hear the ducks every morning and her people mentioned she loves it when the ducks do their morning calls and she oinks along.

Maybe she didn’t end up in our front yard accidentally.  Hmmm…

Overrun With Duck Eggs So I Helped The Easter Bunny Out

I haven’t dyed eggs in years… but like many, I seem to have a lot of time on hands. So I’ve been doing quite a bit cookings. I’ll probably have a blizzard of posts this weekend.

I’m overrun with duck eggs, and I boiled up a dozen in the multi-pot/instant pot last week, but as you can see, still overrun. Three ducks, two to three eggs a day adds up quickly. So I decided to dye some. Continue reading

Bixby, Ducks, and A Few Updates

We had a very windy week. Like batten down the hatches and tie down the ducks week. Somehow a basketball ended up in our yard. While all the neighbor kids know to come ring the doorbell if their ball goes in my backyard, this one could have come from anywhere. So I let Bixby keep it. He’ll puncture it in no time and then it will become a tug toy for Scout and him.

Everything becomes a tug toy for them. Tree branch falls? Excellent, let’s strip down to a single stick and PLAY TUG! with it. Soccer ball? Let’s deflate it and then PLAY TUG! with it. Piece of trash in the yard? PLAY TUG! This is why I buy inexpensive bath towels, tie a knot in the middle and toss them in the yard and in their indoor toy box. Instant cheap and easy to replace tug toy.

I’m watching a cooking show as I write this. I so rarely have time to watch any lately. He’s making beignets, and if I actually deep-fried anything, they look sooo easy to make. Continue reading