Grr…more rain

Mercy!  We had an inch yesterday and we got another three last night,  I’ve lost track of the amount in the gauge but I’m sure it’s been over 16″ since this all started.  At least we didn’t get anything but rain from the system that brought all the death and destruction to the southern states.  Today dawned overcast and chilly with more rain forecast.  Sigh

I did what I usually do to cheer myself up, fixed a nice breakfast.

I should give a shout out to the sausage maker-DiMaggio’s out of Tickfaw, LA.  I can’t buy any sausage around here that compares with the sausage out of the Cajun tradition in Louisiana.  These came from this place.  I’ve touted them before.  I am doing so again.  Good food, good service on orders, everything well packaged and sent promptly.  Shipping costs are fair-steep but not outrageous.  Browse around their site a while, it’s full of good stuff.

The Day in Review

Heh.  As if there were a bunch of highlights.  Mrs J took the cats to the vet for their annual vaccinations.  I busied myself in the kitchen.  Decided it would be a good day to bake some bread so I started a batch in the machine.  Mrs J came back with the kitties, the meds just laid them low, vet said it would.  Mrs J declared a great hunger so we had a nice breakfast.  Had so much fun making the bread I made another batch later.  TaMara’s peach dump cake caught Mrs J’s eye so she made it, looked good.  Made cheeseburgers for supper.  Yum.

Well, that’s about it!  Stay tuned for more adventure!  LOL

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Never Too Late for Breakfast

Mrs J is out cleaning her gardens of the winter detritus and I’m back in the kitchen wondering if the dried cherries I found would make a nice syrup.  Yes they can!  Took the handful I found in the cupboard and simmered them in some water in a small sauce pan.  Minced some dried apricots and tossed them in too.  It started looking pretty good but a taste told me it needed some sweetener.  Added a bit. Decided a splash of orange juice would help, it did.  A few drops of lime juice. Added some corn starch in a slurry to thicken it, and then a bit more as it continued to simmer.  Turned out great.  Well, pretty good.  I guess great is reserved for the blueberry syrup I made with some frozen fruits.