Elfie’s Adventures in Cooking?

Okay, I’m not sure I’d want to partake of whatever Elfie cooks next.  I mean, if he uses this flour…

Elfie making snow angels in the flour

Kathy M. H. says that at least he used a pan and didn’t make a mess.  I think I’m glad he’s her house guest and not mine.


Elfie’s Adventures in Cooking: Coffee

Elfie thought he’d make the morning coffee with mixed results:

Special Correspondent Kathy M. H. reports that while Elfie made a bit of a mess, the results were quite good.  Heck, if someone would make my coffee in the morning I probably wouldn’t complain about a little bit of a mess either.

Wonder what Elfie will ‘cook’ tomorrow?  Stay tuned….

Elfie’s Adventures in Cooking: Hot Cocoa

Elfie makes Hot Cocoa

Special correspondent Kathy M.H. is sharing her family’s Christmas house guest’s cooking adventures.  On his first night at the house, he decided to make a cup of cocoa for the gang.

It sounds like Elfie is staying around for a while and Kathy has promised to record his daily exploits for us.  Stay tuned….