Fall Colors: Rocky Mountain National Park

Not at peak yet, so I guess we’ll try again in a week or so.

Colorado in the Fall

Happy First Day of Fall


I don’t have photo credits for most of these. They are facebook submissions to a local news station. I wish I did, because they’re some great photos and I want to credit the talent.

Regardless, I really wanted to share the beauty of Colorado in the fall, after all the flood photos I’ve been posting. It is a beautiful place.



Photo by John Betancourt

Photo by John Betancourt


This Ride Brought to You by the Letter Wheeee!

Click on any photo to enlarge for full color!

Great ride today. After a pretty frantic Monday, I needed an outlet. So there was cycling and cooking. I made another batch of a great potato soup with jalapeno sausage. I’ll post the recipe a bit later. Next up was pumpkin bars which will be part of this Thursday’s recipe exchange. I’m planning on a pumpkin week.

My ride started out cloudy, but there was a break in the clouds near the mountains and I knew eventually as the sun started to set, it would be clear. What I didn’t realize is that would coincide with me being on the west side of the ponds. It made for some vivid colors. I’m hoping the camera did them justice.

And there is the buzzer for the pumpkin bars. Not sure I can wait for them to cool and frost, they smell good. I’ll let you know how they turn out. Until then…