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Tom Cat Foolery

I noticed Ginger Boy was taking an interest in the hummers visiting the cigar plant.  I shooed him off and moved the chives onto that space to preclude mischief.


Random Wildlife

This small finch is wearing an extremely effective Black-eyed Susan camouflage pattern.


Mrs J’s garden is full of ripe columbines this morning.


20160807_150949(1600x1200)I’ve always called these things pink ladies but I assume there are other names for them depending on where you live.  They usually come as a surprise, seemingly showing up overnight.20160809_173126(1600x1200)This sloppy joe sammich got a bit of crunch added with the corn chips, it’s akin to Frito pie in that regard.  I like the way the slaw turned out so much I ordered a salad spinner for the method  the recipe spells out.  It calls for a salt and sugar “cure” that has to be rinsed off before the dressing is added and the excess water needs to be removed.  I’ve been letting it drain onto tea towels.20160811_120157(1600x1200)More BELT sammiches.  I’m frugal so I toasted the heel ends to make this one.  The tomato bushes continue to yield the big slicers that are perfect for them.20160813_104840(1600x1200)Speaking of tomatoes, we juiced a couple of five gallon buckets full of tomatoes and spent the day boiling them down to eventually can 7 quarts of tomato soup.  That vegetable juicer we bought is still paying dividends.DSC_5514(1600x1200)Gabe has found a new toy that is so much better than the other toys in that box.  Mrs J is so much fun!  She plays with him all over the house!gated gabe(1600x1200)Usually these play sessions result in nap time, whether Gabe is sleepy or not.DSC03678 (1600x1200)Moar kittehs!  I don’t have any additional info on either of these.20160811_164117(1600x1200)More smoked pork with some of that slaw from the recipe I linked to above.DSC03681 (1600x1200)I’ll wrap this up with another kitteh.

There’s A Garden In Here Somewhere

Garden 6

The garden is a treasure trove where I discover something new every day. It is also unruly and in need of a strong taming hand. I have many plans. I think I have one of every color of rose, a dozen different varieties of iris, a sweet, healthy wisteria, and little hidden chotchkies all over the yard.

Garden 8

The entire yard has great bones.  Strong and well shaped beds. Stone paths and lots of trellises. It will be fun to work in and beautiful when I’m done. Here are the photos I took today:

But wait, there’s more! Click to read

Random Wildlife – Hummingbird

DSC_5295 (1600x1060)This is a Ruby-throated hummer, notwithstanding the dusting of pollen on its throat from sipping nectar out of this Columbine.DSC_5297 (1600x1060)

Sunflower Buffet

DSC_4729 (1600x1060)I noticed a Goldfinch working a sunflower yesterday so I grabbed a few shots.  I realized a little later that the flower he is on is the same one I photographed a week ago:DSC_4698 (1600x1060)Those sunflower have been a real gold mine over the years, providing some of my all time favorite photographs, like this winter shot of finches gleaning from the dry bones of the previous season’s crop:DSC_3274_Snapseed [1600x1200]I can easily understand why finches love these flowers, the seeds are a great source of food for them.  I bet this hummingbird was disappointed, though:DSC_9944 [1024x768]

My! What a long tongue you have!

DSC_4664 (1600x1060)My favorite moth is back today, browsing over the flowers in one of Mrs J’s containers.  He’s especially fond of the little pink trumpet shaped blossoms, and needs every last bit of that proboscis to reach the sweet, sweet nectar.  There are several varieties of hummingbird moths, this one is a Snowberry Clearwing.DSC_4668 (1600x1060)I wish we knew what the name of that flower is.  Mrs J thought maybe it is a Sweet William but I can’t quite find any online that match up well.DSC_4663 (1600x1060)


DSC_4159 [1600x1060]Not a lot happening here, we got some relief from the heat but the rain is still holding off.  I’ve been having fun upgrading my main machine to Windows 8, from 7.  It went well, some hiccups recognizing the homegroup but a reboot cured that problem, albeit after some hair pulling and cursing.  I ground up a few pork shoulders for sausage –  some Italian, and two versions of a breakfast sausage with garlic and plenty of black pepper.  I may post on those if you want me to, but I think I’ve mentioned the recipes here before.DSC_6879 [1600x1060]The Kroger store we use has been stocking several varieties of par baked loaves and rolls.  These are a few of the hard dinner rolls stuffed with roast pork, along with a small dipping bowl of lip burning hot bbq sauce.  Lots of garlic, chili paste, cayenne, and ground habanero in there.DSC_4181 [1600x1060]Here’s Homer!  He is lurking under a bed of vinca.  For the TMI file:  The small dark specks on the walk are hummingbird poop.  There are nectar feeders right above.IMG_2917 (1600x1200)Here’s a puppeh that just came in over at St Francis.  I don’t really know much about this one, other than the hair is wiry, and the pup is nervous but is likely to chill in due time.DSC_4179 [1600x1060]We started watching The Wire again.  Bitsy likes to cruise the top of the credenza where the TV sits, chasing moths that are drawn to the screen.  McNulty looks like he doesn’t care for kittehs on the set.

Farmer’s Market

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