Pork Stuffed Mini Buns

DSC_1380 (1600x1060)My first batch of slider buns is dwindling to just a few now.  Today I stuffed a couple with roast pork and served them with a small dipping bowl of that sweet habanero sauce.  One of the local stores had ten pound sacks of potatoes on sale, I bought a bag and ran them through my french* fry cutter.  This time I culled the pieces with a lot of skin and those are the ones shown here.  They taste good despite the occasional sliver that’s overcooked – and they don’t look that bad!

* On a whim today, I asked Google if the french in french fries needed a capital and found some controversy, because grammar.  I did run across this:

Is the French in French fries capitalized? —  Most proper nouns or adjectives are capitalized when they occur in a food name: Boston brown bread, Russian dressing, Swiss cheese, Waldorf salad. Lowercase is used, however, when the food does not depend on the proper noun or adjective for its meaning: french fries, graham crackers, manhattan cocktail.

Sammich Pr0n – Sliders and Fries

DSC_7692 (1600x1060)I am getting closer to the perfect slider.  They really need to be made on a commercial “flat top” griddle but my Lodge stove top griddle that spans two burners works pretty well.  I slice an onion really thin with a mandoline and start with little piles on onion on the greased surface with a thin beef patty atop those.  Cover with a lid of some sort so they steam themselves done, flip once and then build the sandwiches out.  Toast the buns on the griddle while the burgers cook.  I have enough room to do six of these little things at once but that’s using every square inch.

Mmm… braised baby back ribs

I bought some baby back ribs the other day and was looking around for a good recipe worth trying and passing along.  Alton Brown’s recipe was at the top of the stack, with a ton of positive reviews.  This will be another rave review to add to the pile.I cut the rack in two to fit it into my little roasting pan, massaged the dry rub into the meat on both sides and laid them out onto the foil lining.  Poured the braising liquid into the package and folded the top flap of foil over the top and more or less crimped it in place.  These just came out after their stint in the oven, smelling and looking great.  Don’t forget that stuff in the bottom of the pan.Mine was reduced enough in the pan that it didn’t need any time simmering in a sauce pan.  I just flopped a half slab into the bottom juices and it came out looking like an entry into a rib cooking contest.  Have I mentioned that these are wonderful?I ate this half with just some BBQ sauce on the dry rubbed ribs.  These were the best I have ever had — until I sampled the second half rack, the one that was dredged through the braising sauce.

Mmm… roast pork

I mentioned that we roasted a small chunk of lamb for our big holiday dinner.  The size of the roast made me realize that we didn’t have a proper sized roasting pan.  We have a couple that are huge, big enough for the largest turkey and they’ve seen a lot of use over the years.  What we didn’t have was a pan sized for the smaller cuts like the 3 pound leg of lamb.  I remedied that.This one is by Chicago Metallic and measures 13″x9″ and is just over 2″ deep.  Pressed and formed from steel with a non stick coating that I hope holds up.  It wasn’t very expensive but I didn’t want to spend a lot on an occasional item.  I did try it out right away.

That pork butt has been in the freezer for a good while, bought during a pretty good sale on pork.  I think I paid twice as much for the lamb and only got half the meat.  I knew that a good sandwich would have to be the first thing so I made some buns from the same recipe I used on those hot rolls.

Worked out great.  Made a super lunch when paired with some french fries.  I used the BBQ sauce from this recipe.

Last Kiss

Last KissLast Kiss

Taking a quick moment to pimp one of my favorite comic artists. Luckily he gave me a food themed panel today, so I could.  John Lustig takes old style panels and updates them with new punchlines, often very, very racy.  Lots of fun.  Take a look at his archives you’ll get a laugh I’m sure.

Yeah, no picture of the donuts, we were too busy eating them

Yesterday I spent the afternoon in Denver, seeing a temporary exhibit at the Denver Art Museum, which was really just an excuse to sink our hands into wet clay and play.  Which we did with gusto.  Then off to a restaurant I’ve wanted to try forever, the d bar.  Last time we tried, it was packed solid with a long line out the door.  We skipped it that night, but yesterday had a leisurely “snack”.  I can’t call it a meal because, well, what we had were Crue Fries and Donuts.

These aren’t just ordinary donuts, btw, they are donut holes, which come out hot, tasting much like beignets and come with 6 dipping sauces.  My favorite being the salted caramel. They are an event and are the signature dessert.  The fries…well the fries were easily a heart attack on a plate – shoe string, fried crisp, covered in mac ‘n cheese sauce,  garlic, parmesan cheese,  jalapenos and ranch dressing.  Nothing not to really like there.  Needless to say we split both items.  I’d love to go again and explore their menu a bit.  But it would be difficult to pass up the donuts and try something else.

Okay, now I’m really going…really…I’m off…plane tickets in hand….

Mmm…chicken nuggets

Chicken nuggets sounded very good to me today, so I went online to look at a few recipes for breading and batter.  I found a recipe for beer batter that looked good so I made a bowlful of it and stashed it in the fridge for a couple of hours as directed in the recipe.  Many chicken finger/nugget recipes include a dip recipe or two.  While the batter rested I made two dips.  A honey mustard dip, and an Asian styled sweet and sour dip.

Soon enough Mrs J said she was ready to start-I plugged in the deep fryer and set the oven heating to 200 degrees as a warmer for the fried goods.  When the oil was hot I dropped in some of the battered pieces I had made ready.  They didn’t look good.  The batter was sticking to the basket and the pieces weren’t browning like I wanted to see.  I quickly beat some eggs with a dash a sriracha and a splash of soy sauce, much like the egg part of the breading recipe on the sweet and sour dip page.  I didn’t have any bread crumbs so I dredged the egged pieces through  flour and corn starch seasoned with garlic powder , salt, and black pepper.  I dumped the beer batter.

Everything went smoothly after that rocky start.  I fried up a good handful of frozen french fries and warmed some of my world famous baked beans to round out the meal.


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Mmm…baby back ribs

Mmm…ribs–these spent four hours in a 300 degree oven on a wire rack.  Placed the rack in a foil lined baking tray to keep down on the mess.  I used a dry rub on these, and finished them off with Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce during the last half hour or so.  Kept a pan full of water on the oven rack below the ribs just to keep everything nice and moist.  After spreading  the sauce on with a brush a layer of foil over the meat kept the sauce from burning and allowed it to caramelize/reduce right on them.  Yum, sticky fingers!  Serve with a moist towel!

And I’m really liking the new deep fryer.  Those fried potatoes were crispy and delightful-beats baking them in the oven by a mile.