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Breakfast Pr0n


Sammich Pr0n – Porchetta & Egg



Breakfast Pr0n – Pastrami Hash


Breakfast Pr0n – Pastrami Hash


Sammich Pr0n – Bacon, Basil, Tomato, and Fried Egg

DSC_6938 [1600x1060]I wanted to use a big tomato from the garden because it was just perfect and it’s hard to find a better place to put a big thick slice than on a bacon sammich.  I like the basil on these in place of the usual lettuce, and the fried egg is now considered as a required part of the ensemble.  I used sliced sourdough for this one.

Spam Challenge

TaMara accepted a challenge the other day:  “Betcha can’t make Spam into something good!  Neener  neener  neener!”

I, as her champion, picked up the thrown gauntlet and then spiked it into the end zone and did a recipe dance that had the local bees envious of my wiggle. (I have a stand machine from Kitchen-Aid so mixing metaphors is not as hard as it looks.)I fortified myself with a hearty breakfast of Spam hash with fresh chilies and topped that with an egg.  The challengers try to look like they are not impressed.  HehI whip up some Spam sliders.  Mmm… three bites of heavenly grilled Spam with cheddar and fixin’s.  Yeah and those rash boys are nervously eying each other.  I spot one licking his lips all sly and furtive.I’m just getting warmed up now.  Take that!  A grilled Spam Reben – my home made sauerkraut with Swiss and thousand island dressing.  They reel!  In for the kill now, no mercy!  But wait!  With a grin and a wink I pass more recipes to my Fair Lady.  She will deliver the coup de gras.  Stay tuned for the final beat down, coming to this blog Thursday.  Thursday!  When the big dogs run!

Chorizo Update 2

No question about it, I’ll be making more chorizo using much the same recipe as before. I’m still patting myself on the back after this chorizo hash dish.  That is all.

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