They grow up so fast!

Mrs J helped with a fund raiser in the park today, selling t-shirts, cooking and selling donated hot dogs, and washing dogs for $5 or $10 dollars a head.  She thought she recognized one of the dogs getting his bath today.She walked over and spoke to the dog’s owner and he said that the fellow was, indeed, an alumnus of St Francis.  I dug around in the archives and found some photos for a “then and now” post.Here he is with a black and white sibling, there are four more litter mates off camera – all pure blooded Aussie Shepherds, born sans tails.And here he is on the occasion of his first visit back to the shelter after his adoption, returning for a vaccination that is part of the adoption package.  Mrs J said it is one of her favorite things while at one of these events, seeing former charges all grown and happy.  Also today she saw a cocker spaniel that had come in to the shelter bedraggled and tick infested, hair all matted and dirty.  He was all shined up and groomed, looking like a different dog.  (Alas, no picture.)

Calendar Pets

Balloon Juice is running a fund raiser for a favored pet rescue/pet shelter and the plans are to sell calendars featuring pet photos sent in by readers.  They limit submissions to two pics per pet or I might have gotten carried away.  Here are the pics I sent in:

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