A Little Scout and Gabe

I needed a new profile picture for Facebook, and Scout obliged.

And here is Gabe doing his balancing act. He has been lying on the rail, which is adorable with all his, shall we say, floofiness (we do not body shame here 😉 ) but whenever I get the camera out, he bolts. I’ll keep trying.


Waiting For Santa

This is Gabe’s favorite spot this year. And how he gets there is adorable. He’ll come into the livingroom, crouch and do the butt wiggle, and then charge full speed to the tree. Then he snuggles down.

Santa’s Danedeer may make an appearance later today. Until then…


Happy Anniversary, Gabe

Gabe was sprung from the Larimer County Humane Society a year ago today.  Here he is enjoying is favorite summer spot. Today there is too much ice on the patio for the kitties to venture out.

Glad you’re part of the family, sweet thing.