That Time of the Year

dsc_2229-1600x1200I rolled out my gas grill for the season and grilled a couple of burgers to get into the swing of it.  Gah!  It won’t be long until the grass it high enough that I can’t put off mowing.  I wonder what this season will bring.  Last year it rained so much that the grass was always high and wet – I smoked the PTO belts that drive the blades.  Hate it when that happens.

Easing Back Into Grilling

DSC_8574 (1600x1060)Pulled the gas grill out and cleaned it up, knocked the dust off with the garden hose.  Fired it to heat the grills and gave them a good brushing.  I was going to do just hot dogs and some sweet corn but the pork chops won out.  We’ll give it a good workout tomorrow.


DSC_5886 [1600x1200]We had some leftover beef from those lunch time burritos and a couple tortillas left in the package so quesadillas seemed doable.  I was hoping to make a meal of roast pork but it just wasn’t going to be ready in time.  I rigged a smoke box from a heavy foil loaf pan and filled it with wood chips to turn the new grill into a smoker – you cover the pan with more foil and poke a few holes into it, then place it next to or atop one of the burners.  It worked pretty well.DSC_3704 [1600x1200]

DSC_3706 [1600x1200]The pork shoulder spent all day in there at around 250-275, I changed the wood chips out three times.  I decided to finish it in the regular oven and it’s in there now, covered with foil, looking for 190 degrees.  Pretty happy with the rig as a smoker, knowing I can get more heat just by turning a knob.  It has enough burners to get easily past 500, I haven’t gone past that yet but a pizza project I have in mind will test the limits.  My pizza stone will fit right in there.

Gadget Post – LP Gas Grill

DSC_3694 [1600x1200]In my last post I hinted at a new grill.  Here it is, set up and pre-heating.  Last Saturday I wandered into a local store in the midst of a spring sale.  I thought I was in the “just looking” phase but when they mentioned a waiver of the sales tax, along with free set up and delivery, I pulled out the credit card. This one is a Weber Genesis EP 330.

I put together too much stuff for the first day cooking with it, some of it sits on the side tables ready to grill.  I did corn, asparagus, potatoes, portobello mushrooms, zucchini, and t-bone steaks.  I also bought squash and red and yellow bell peppers, and a pineapple but reason won out and those I saved for later.DSC_3699 [1600x1200]

DSC_3701 [1600x1200]

DSC_5875 [1600x1200]The steaks were just right, the corn was perfect, as was the asparagus.  The zucchini, alas, was undercooked, and the potatoes were a tad too done.  The mushrooms!  They were just superb!  The got a marinade of EVOO and balsamic vinegar with lots of garlic and some minced onion.  Five minutes per side over a medium flame,  Delicious!