Another Goldie Oldie

I took this ten years ago. Same thing is happening in Mrs J’s sunflowers today.

Sunflower Buffet

DSC_4729 (1600x1060)I noticed a Goldfinch working a sunflower yesterday so I grabbed a few shots.  I realized a little later that the flower he is on is the same one I photographed a week ago:DSC_4698 (1600x1060)Those sunflower have been a real gold mine over the years, providing some of my all time favorite photographs, like this winter shot of finches gleaning from the dry bones of the previous season’s crop:DSC_3274_Snapseed [1600x1200]I can easily understand why finches love these flowers, the seeds are a great source of food for them.  I bet this hummingbird was disappointed, though:DSC_9944 [1024x768]

Some Random Pics

Slow going today, rainy and cool.  Mrs J went to the dentist and came back saying tomato soup was all she could eat.  Toby caught a mouse outside and brought it in.  He let it go for later.

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