Early Birds

DSC_4674 (1600x1060)Mr and Mrs Goldfinch arrive early at the sunflower buffet, hoping to beat the rush.


DSC_6309 [1600x1200]Pretty slow around here, foodwise.  Mrs J did make one of her famous berry pies.  This one has blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries in an all butter crust.  She bought a few fancy pattern crust cutting devices that worked well, and an edge roller that didn’t.DSC_3846 [1600x1200]A shower this morning turbocharged the hummers at the nectar feeder, providing Homer with a good show.DSC_3847 [1600x1200]The hummingbirds really get hungry when rain threatens.  Some evolutionary advantage from it, I suspect, along the lines of “eat now because later it may be too damn windy”.IMG_2297 [1600x1200]Here is a kitteh  with a different survival strategy.  It’s working for him so far.  He doesn’t have to look hard for breakfast when he wakes._DSC9566 [1600x1200]Just for fun, here’s a repost of a picture I took a few years ago of a Goldfinch getting a drink.DSC_9496 (2) [1600x1200]And a few more for good measure.


Staked out the sunflowers with a camera in hand, waiting for some action.  I was expecting the goldfinches and got some nice shots.  The hummer caught me napping but I was able to salvage a picture despite some serious thumb fingered fumbling.


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