Mmm… BBQ chicken

A pretty day for pouring concrete wasted.  I did get most of my mowing done, just left a small half acre spot that is way back out of sight so no worries there.

We had a man out today looking at the job of bringing the little goldfish ponds into good condition and I was a bit surprised when Mrs J said to fill them in and make a rock garden out of them.  It does make a certain sense in that they were a lot of work to keep going and she just wasn’t feeling up to the struggle this year.  I was always happy to have a pretty little goldfish pond going but I was never much at helping to keep them up.

The Goldfish Like the Weather Today

Under a sheet of ice a good part of the winter.  Looks like they all made it OK.  Mrs J will root around in there later on, getting the pump to go, cleaning out most of the gunk.  It will look a lot different in a few months.

I think this was from last year, but I’m not sure.