Picnicking Birds

Finally caught the jelly eater!

Picnicking Birds

He’s hitting the grape jelly.  We heard that the orioles were in town and put this feeder up 2 days ago.  We are gratified to see one so soon, or at all.  We had a pair nest in a walnut tree years ago, in the pre digital camera days.

English Muffins

When I decided to try my luck with English muffins I did the usual Google search and this recipe came up near the top.  Plenty of stars and a ton of reviews!  I pretty much went with the straight recipe, plenty of time to fool around with variations later.  I used lard instead of shortening, and only had 1/2 cup of milk on hand so I added a couple of tablespoons of dried milk and a bit of water to come out with the required full cup of milk.

I gave it a full 2 hours rise in a bowl, then rolled the dough to about the half inch called for.  I found a plastic tumbler about the size I wanted and cut the rounds out with it.  I didn’t measure it but I think it was a tad larger than 3″.  By the time the scraps were rerolled and cut we had 14 muffins, and there was just about enough scrap left for another but it seemed too much trouble and I cooked it last after wrapping it to look like a fat pretzle.

I covered the cut muffins with plastic wrap and gave them another hour’s rise then set to work baking them.  Grilling them…whatever.  Used a nonstick pan that was brushed with butter.  Set the burner to medium, let the pan warm up well, and plopped two muffins in for a test run.  Set the timer for four minutes, when I flipped them to check I had a real good feeling–these things were gonna work!  I cooked the remaining muffins in batches of four, and four minutes a side worked just right for me today.  Your results will vary.


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