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Was She Really That Small?

Scout now fills the dog bed. How did that happen? Here she is her first day:

OMG, was she really that small?


More Bixby and Scout (Bonus Ducks)

I love this one, they look so cute together, watching the neighborhood kids.

Bixby sure knows how to relax, doesn’t he?

Scout is no slouch at napping, herself.

That head and chest.

Power napping together. And as promised, bonus ducks, on a warmer day:



Bixby and Scout: 14 Weeks

That look you see there is what happens when I put Scout in timeout for chasing the ducks and then drag her out for a photo shoot. I was working on the recipe post earlier and I saw Maddie running past the window, wings out and booking it across the yard…and then she ran back the other way. NOT. GOOD. I went out and stopped Scout from chasing her.  And then…time out.  She was not amused.

Finally had our vet visit – the vet had the flu so that delayed him for quite some time – and she was 26.5 last week, today I weighed her and she was…32 lbs. So you can tell, sleep is important around here. Also one of the few times I can get good photos.

That is the table. Nothing is safe now.

This is what they do all day. Bixby is back to his very happy self. And it wears Scout out most days, so even though she gets into everything…it’s short lived trouble because she needs her naps.

I have more photos I’ll post tomorrow.  Until then…


Bixby and Scout: Watchful

Kids were playing soccer in the street. Scout was happily watching and Bixby seemed to be keeping an eye on her. Later I caught them playing “the floor is lava” (at least that’s what I assumed as they jumped from furniture to furniture without touching the floor).  Bixby has no clue he’s not a tiny puppy.


Heat Seeking Scout

This little girl loves her heat. I guess I can’t blame her. The vet was here on Thursday and she weighed in at 26.6 lbs, but she is all legs and ribs. There’s not an ounce of fat on her to keep her warm. Even with her cute little jacket, the mornings have been too cold for her.

She has started complaining loudly when she’s cold and the heat is not emanating from her favorite vent. If whining doesn’t get her what she wants…well then she’ll issue a sharp bark and give me a look that clearly means I’m failing at my obligations.

Silly puppy…

Sweetness In A Sweater

I don’t normally dress up my animals – maybe the occasional bunny ears or reindeer antlers – but when Bailey came to live with us, she was so underweight and it was so cold, I went to Goodwill and bought her a small woman’s sweatshirt, cut the arms off and voilà she was warm when she was outside.

Enter little Scout (who btw now weighs 21 lbs). She started sitting at the backdoor, shivering miserably every morning while I took care of the ducks, so I decided it was time to do something about it. Last night we went to Goodwill again and I found two toddler sweaters for the extravagant total of $1.50.  This is the first one. She’ll outgrow it in a week, the next one is a size bigger.

And yes, I think she looks adorable. She’s not thrilled about it, but she also didn’t sit at the door, instead followed me around while I did the morning “duck chores”.


Scout, Nine TEN Weeks

Want to do her formal, With Bear portrait later this weekend. But here’s a little something to hold you over until then.


Puppeh Snow Day!

I had a request for a good news/puppy post. I am happy to oblige. 

Lil’ Bit is growing like a weed. I was able to put Bixby’s first collar on her this week, and while it was still plenty big, I noticed today it wasn’t quite as big. I needed to have her name tag on her so I can HEAR her comings and goings. Otherwise, I’m following her all over the house instead of getting any work done.

Today was her first official snow day. She’s not quite sold on it, but did run around and snuffle her way across the yard.

Bixby on the other hand is in his element. He LOVES snow.


Bixby and Scout: The First Week

Things are going well. Scout holds her own and antagonizes Bixby until he plays with her. It’s exactly what he needed.


He was reluctant at first, but now he’s happy to engage her.

Scout is now 14 lbs (she was 12.2 when she arrived last Thursday). She’s 14″ at her shoulders and 20″ from head to butt. It’s been fun comparing her to Bixby at that age ( 24.2 lbs and 14″ at the shoulders).

She had pretty much mastered potty training by Monday night, when she began to run to the mudroom and ask to go outside. Once she has full bowel and bladder control (about 10 weeks) she should be a champ at it. I am grateful it’s been this easy so far. There are more photos….
But wait, there’s more! Click to read

Scout and Bixby: The First Days

The adventures of Scout have begun. As with Bixby, my search for an adult, or at least teenage Great Dane failed spectacularly.  And then one night (Thanksgiving to be exact) I saw a photo of Scout and it was love – I don’t know what it was about her – she was not the first puppy (or last for that matter) I stumbled across, but she was the ONE.

I am not positive Bixby is convinced yet, but he’s been very protective. She follows him around like a little Mini-Me and he seems okay with that.  Last night Scout instigated a game of tug that was completely adorable, with Bixby doing his best to not toss her across the room. I promise you I WILL get that on video soon.

I’m still in awe of how small she is compared to Bixby at the same age. But she’ll catch up. Her dad is practically Bixby’s clone and her mom is a beautiful harlequin, also a European Dane.

She decided my sleeve was more interesting than having any more photos taken. LOL In case you thought she just sat around and looked adorable all day.

The cats are adapting well – Emma hangs out with us on the couch, Jake gives her a good sniff while she’s asleep and last night slept not far from her. Zander – well poor Zander is very unhappy with the whole thing. This surprised all of us, he’s usually the zen kitty who adapts to everything. I guess this was just a bridge too far. He’ll come around.

The ducks on the other hand have been subject to some unwanted attention. She can’t help but dash after them – it’s all in fun  and she never gets close, so I’m not too worried. I think they are more annoyed than anything. If they wanted they could turn around and charge her and that would be the end of it. But we are working on her manners.

Hoping for video later this week, but as you can imagine, I have my hands full at the moment.  I do have an amazing meatloaf recipe to share later. Until then…