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When You Just Run Out Of Gas



Bixby and Scout: Getting Settled

Scout is growing and growing. Don’t take my word for it, check out our first Bear photo shoot here.

She continues to be adorable. Bixby has been so patient with her. No matter how much she climbs, bites and antagonizes him, he gently corrects or redirects her.

Having him around has made things so much easier. He will distract her when she is bothering the cats, entertains her when I’m trying to get things done. And she follows him around and clearly idolizes him. It all works for me.

Had a fun photo shoot today…

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This Guy

Makes me laugh every day. I told him when he was a puppy he had two jobs: make me laugh and protect me. He does both with the same enthusiasm. Although his protection is subtle – he backs up, sits on my feet, which brings him up to my chest, and dares anyone to step closer without saying a word. We were laughing the other night and saying if he were a person, he’d be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Love that pup.

Guess Who Is Three Today

This guy!

He’s one month old in this photo. We hadn’t even met yet. That was this day:

It was love at first sight.  Not much has changed over the years:

He just keeps getting bigger:

He is not full grown in the photo above – he towers over me now. Really need to update that photo.

Being Bixby is exhausting:

Party on big guy!  For all his adventures, including Bailey fun, click here.

I’m Not Sure What To Say Here…



Thank Puppy It’s Friday

Bixby and His Bunny 4 1 16

This pretty much sums up how I’m feeling, too. Yes, that bunny is about as big as Bixby. It was his after-Easter-sale present. And yes, it is missing its bunny tail, one ear and both eyes. But that’s how he likes his stuffies. Have a great weekend. Hoping to get back to regular-ish blogging next week. – TaMara

Paw print

The Easter Bixby Wishes You a Happy Easter

Happy Easter from Bixby Bunny16

Bixby Update: Bixby’s Crew

We spent last weekend with the family. Here is Bixby’s crew:

Bixby's crew2

Little Gracie – the furry one in my niece’s arms, is 5 months old and ruled that big beast. She’d playfully chase him all around the house before running back to her safe spot and starting all over again. He was clearly smitten as was she.

He was exhausted when we got home. He crawled into his crate and slept until I dragged him to bed. The next day he was reluctant to play tug or go for his walk. He seemed glad when I went to see my clients and left him snoozing on the couch.

He has since recovered and is his lively self again.

BTW – 39 photos to get that one. Trying to get a 9 yr old and two puppies to hold still – well, thank goodness for the burst feature on my camera.

Paw print

Bixby Diaries: Snow Dog

Bixby Snow dog

Just a quick Bixby update. This dog loves snow and we must find the deepest and freshest snow on our walks. And he spends a considerable amount of time laying around in it. He’s had a good winter for it, as our Christmas snow has uncharacteristically stuck around.

Somehow, despite my best efforts, he’s turning into a beautifully behaved dog. I’ve taken the door off his crate and he does great when I’m at work, usually lounging on the couch until I get back. He’s an excellent walking partner and affable office companion. Even Jake is warming up to him.

We had an awesome play date last week with a friend’s foster dog. And Bixby did something completely unexpected. Denali, the foster dog, is just a smidge of a pup, underweight, medium sized, and completely unfazed by Bixby’s size or enthusiasm. They romped around and around, then Denali jumped up on Bixby, trying to take him down. And bless that big dog’s heart, he paused for a moment and then flopped down, legs up in the air, as if to say “you got me, you got me!” Then he’d get up and they’d do it all over again. My heart just melted.

Anyone who has played with this dog at all knows he never acquiesces, he loves a good game and plays with all his heart. But I believe he was crushing on her and knew she needed a “win” in her rough life. And he happily gave in to her.

I adore this dog.

The video below is just a bit of him playing. The sunny day and the snow totally bled out my camera, so it’s not the best quality.

It’s a bit long, but it’s mostly for my archives. Though you do get to hear the Beast barking and watch him run full out.

Until next time….

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Flashback Friday: Bixby Ten Weeks

Bixby 8 25 14

I was deleting old photos off my cell phone and ran across this one. It’s not a great picture, because it was with my phone in an almost dark room. But this was Bixby at 10 weeks. Was he really that small, ever? Emma is keeping a wary eye out.

Paw print