Ribeye is the canonical cheesesteak meat but I nearly always use flat iron steaks.  This one was cut thin while semi-frozen and tossed in a bowl with onions, green peppers, and salt and pepper.  It marinated for an hour or so – the onions started to wilt a little.That’s provolone starting to melt into the steak and veggies.  I turned small stainless bowls upside down over the two piles to help it along.It worked pretty well.  This is the closest I’ve come to this particular style of cheesesteak, I usually go with a cheese sauce poured over the meat in the bun, and I think I prefer that method although it is just a touch more trouble.

Sammich Pr0n – Sliders and Fries

DSC_7692 (1600x1060)I am getting closer to the perfect slider.  They really need to be made on a commercial “flat top” griddle but my Lodge stove top griddle that spans two burners works pretty well.  I slice an onion really thin with a mandoline and start with little piles on onion on the greased surface with a thin beef patty atop those.  Cover with a lid of some sort so they steam themselves done, flip once and then build the sandwiches out.  Toast the buns on the griddle while the burgers cook.  I have enough room to do six of these little things at once but that’s using every square inch.