A little breakfast

I made a couple more loaves of the garlic sourdough bread the other day.  Added much more of the elephant garlic, and used more water in the dough.  The bread came out with larger holes  which was what I was aiming for.  The dough was so wet I can’t imagine handling it any wetter.  It came out pretty well.

I grilled a couple of slices to make into a breakfast sammich this morning.  A sunny side up egg with a slice of ham was just the thing for it.

Gadget Post

I don’t  know how many times I’ve looked at these things, or something like them, and thought “extravagance” and passed them by.  I decided to treat myself the last time I saw them.  These came in yesterday afternoon and Mrs J got first use when she made the sammich last night.

I decided to try them out this morning-had to feed myself because Mrs J wanted to spend time with the homeless dogs and cats rather than her needy, grasping, never satisfied hubby.  I’ll get over it.

The ring on the egg didn’t release easily (I forgot to spray it) but a gentle nudge freed it with no damage to the egg.  I packed the sausage ring full, I think next time I’ll just fill it half way.  It’ll cook faster, and the proportions of the assembled sammich will be more pleasing.  I left off the cheese this time.  I think it needs a slice of yellow American cheese to do it justice.

As before, lacking an English muffin, I sliced one of the jumbo sourdough buns and grilled them along with the sausage and egg.  I think my next project will be making English muffins from scratch.  I have a recipe in mind but if any of you know for sure of a really killer muffin recipe let me know.