Sammich Pr0n

Smoked pork with assorted sides and garnishes.  The white matchsticks on the plate are pickled daikon and are tasty and crunchy.  I have the pork drenched in that sweet/hot habanero sauce.

Pork Stuffed Mini Buns

DSC_1380 (1600x1060)My first batch of slider buns is dwindling to just a few now.  Today I stuffed a couple with roast pork and served them with a small dipping bowl of that sweet habanero sauce.  One of the local stores had ten pound sacks of potatoes on sale, I bought a bag and ran them through my french* fry cutter.  This time I culled the pieces with a lot of skin and those are the ones shown here.  They taste good despite the occasional sliver that’s overcooked – and they don’t look that bad!

* On a whim today, I asked Google if the french in french fries needed a capital and found some controversy, because grammar.  I did run across this:

Is the French in French fries capitalized? —  Most proper nouns or adjectives are capitalized when they occur in a food name: Boston brown bread, Russian dressing, Swiss cheese, Waldorf salad. Lowercase is used, however, when the food does not depend on the proper noun or adjective for its meaning: french fries, graham crackers, manhattan cocktail.


DSC_6900 [1600x1060]We have lots of Awesome Sauce put back, and a fair amount of plainer tomato sauce so the last batch of tomatoes from the garden went into ketchup.  I juiced the crop with the machine and then boiled the juice down to the same concentration as in a can of tomato puree.  While that was going on some spices were simmering in cider vinegar.  I used allspice berries, fennel seed, celery seed, red pepper flakes, coriander seed, black peppercorns, a cinnamon stick, crushed cloves of garlic, dried basil, oregano, several slices of fresh ginger root, and a couple of bay leaves, all in about 3 cups of apple cider vinegar.  By the time it had simmered for a half hour and the solids discarded there were 2 cups left.  These spices were what I had on hand, and I should have added a couple of whole cloves and maybe an anise star. I strained everything to remove the solid material but wrapping it all in cheesecloth will work fine.

I started with 20 cups of the puree, added the 2 cups of the seasoned vinegar, and one cup of sugar.  We debated using Splenda but went with granulated cane sugar.  It still needed reducing to get thick and it was getting late so I put everything into a crockpot and left it on low overnight.  Worked out well enough.DSC_6899 [1600x1060]Mrs J’s Famous Banana Bread.  She pulled out all the stops for this one, adding raisins, chocolate chips, and pecans.  The spread of Nutella was the perfect finishing touch.IMG_2933 [1600x1060]These Siamese mixes came into St Francis the other day.  Mrs J was told they were part of a feral colony that was swept with a respiratory illness.  The person who watches out for them noticed they were all feeling puny and brought in several for treatment.  Cats generally respond well to antibiotics so these will probably be fine.  Not sure if the newspaper caption was placed intentionally but it does make for a cute picture.DSC_6898 [1600x1060]Chili cheese fries!  This is a chorizo/ground beef chili with beans on top of a batch of twice fried potatoes with minced onions and peppers for garnishes.DSC_6890 [1600x1060]And a couple of tostadas – one with chorizo sausage cooked with sliced peppers, the other is pinto bean and cheddar.

Tex-Mex Pr0n – Grilled Burritos

DSC_6886 [1600x1060]Bean and cheese burritos are hard to beat.  Add roast pork and you win.  Dip them with some sweet and fiery habanero peach sauce and they are right over the top.  I have a few of the pickled cherry tomatoes from last year’s garden with them on the platter.  DSC_6887 [1600x1060]I had them again today.  These have cheddar cheese, yesterday’s were made with Monterey jack.  I need to start eating down all the jalapenos I put up last year.  These were packed with carrot sticks and sliced onions with a clove of garlic.  I am really liking this habanero sauce, there are more ripening on the bush so I’ll get at least one more batch.  I may sub papayas or mangoes for the peaches this time.