Hail NO! Save the Ducks!

Had to dash out and save the ducks from the hail. The duckteens had no idea what was going on and the big girls tried to hide under the bushes – but unfortunately the bushes have not leafed out yet. Got them in the coop just before the deluge.



While I was writing that post yesterday on the mushroom chicken recipe there was quite a storm.  We had been watching the progress as the line of rain moved across Missouri and neared the Mississippi.  There were reports of tornadoes after it passed, and we had some smallish hail here and got a good drenching rain.  As far as we can see there wasn’t any damage, though the flowering viburnum out front took some hits, and the basil in the containers got bruised.

I would love to get some good pictures of the flow down the flume we just had built but I refuse to take my nice camera out into the rain for that.  Hell, I refuse to take myself out into the rain for that!  LOL

I settled for a few snaps out of the front door:

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