Big-A$$ Hawk

I walked outside and startled a huge hawk that was sitting on the roof, watching the ducks. When it flew off, the duckteens completely freaked out. Took a while before Nora stopped yelling.



It was 65 degrees plus today, so I was fortunate to get a ride in between wind storms.  Got a few nice shots along the way.  Click on any photo to see full size.  The hawk photo is uncompressed.

A hawk hanging out in a solitary tree near the path.


Waterfall on the St. Vrain River


This guy was beautifully poised up against the barn, until he saw me.  He was two paddocks and a small field away from me, but rushed to the fence to get some attention.  So I missed the shot I wanted, but still he is a cutie.  He was offended I had no treats for him and soon shunned me after the next shot.

I do believe he is a mustang.  His coloring is right, but he seems much bigger than the average mustang.  It looks like I may be going to the Stock Show on Saturday.  Between the riding lessons and this I may be turning into a cowgirl.